National Bikini Day!

I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of National Bikini Day until this year, but that’s possibly because we rarely get consistent sunshine here in England; even throughout the summer! But 2018 has changed that with record breaking temperatures and the longest EVER heatwave in UK history!

That’s why this year, it’s time to embrace this national holiday on July 5th, get out there and strut your stuff in the hottest bikini you can find.

Bikini Day started in 1946. Parisian fashion designer Louis Reard began it. This was when most swimwear was still swimsuits, and to popularise the new and daring trend of a two-piece design, he created a celebration around a visit to the beach.

The way you celebrate the day is simple. You can update your wardrobe with a few new designs, you can go to the gym and get a few lengths of the pool in rather than go to the weight room, you can enjoy some time in the garden, or you can visit the beach. The earliest years saw a lot of people deciding to take short trips abroad or to seaside resorts. In 1946, this was rare, but with the war over, Americans stationed in Paris and many other new developments, the world felt smaller, people were getting wealthier, and there were great opportunities.

National Bikini Day should be known as International Bikini Day though, as this day has spread all over the world. If you want to take part, it is an excellent chance for you to update your swimwear wardrobe and go out in the sun sporting your new design. Of course, it is a unique opportunity to get some items from the latest seasonal collections that are coming out.

Now is the time of year that bikini wearers add items to their wardrobe the most, in anticipation for the height of summer, or perhaps you’re heading abroad soon?

I’ve ordered this beautiful set from UK Swimwear who have a great 20% off bikinis offer till Friday!

…no, this isn’t me (sadly) but if you head over to my Instagram you’ll see me in it as soon as it arrives! It will be perfect for my upcoming trip to the United States too.

Have you worn your bikini in the UK this year? Or perhaps you have a favourite go-to one that you’d like to share with us?

Feel free to celebrate National Bikini Day with me over on Facebook or Twitter and show us what you’ll be wearing this summer.

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