The long road to rehab. 

It was January 2015 when I first confided in you for advice on my painful knee. You were kind, you offered sympathy as well as tips to aid my recovery. 

Since then, I’ve rested. 

I’ve tried my hand at yoga.

I’ve walked a lot more.

I’ve been scarred for life by my Physio.

I’ve been super envious of my friends achievements.

And I’ve recently had my MRI scan results back…

Despite being told many conflicting things from different medical ‘professionals’ I now have the results back on paper in black & white for me to read and understand myself. 

I HAVENT got cartilage damage, I’ve got slight misaligned tracking of the patella (knee cap). This is highly likely to be from a restricted IT band (outer thigh) causing my knee cap to track more to the right when I run because my inner thigh isn’t as strong. So after a month of Physio & excessive foam rollering (with a break whilst I was in Florida) I can now start to feel a slight improvement. YAY!

I’m still learning how to tape my knee up properly without the tape coming loose with excessive knee bending but I think it’s an art form that I’ll soon become accustomed too. 

I’ve had my foam roller since August last year when Naomi bought it for my birthday after me asking for one.. And then I rarely used it. In fact I neglected my warm up and cool down either side of my runs… Oh how I regret that now. 

I’m lucky that I don’t need surgery, and I’m hoping to make a full recovery, although I’ve been told I may never be able to run long distances completely pain free! But I’m back in my trainers now and on the long road to rehabilitation. 

My first run of 2015 was on 5th June, when with no knee tape I managed only 0.48miles (6:13) of jogging on soft grass. Since then I’ve been taping my knee (to varying degrees of success) and have improved from 6 minutes and 13 seconds, to 15 minutes of treadmill jogging covering 1.24 miles, and that was after an intense 20 minute cycle too! 

I’m at now the same point in my running abaility that I was 2 years ago. Thinking of it that way makes me feel deflated, but on the flip side I’m FAR happier than I was only 6 months ago.

I intend to run at least 2-3 times a week from now on and will slowly build on either time or distance as I see fit. I’ll religiously use my foam roller too, as the thigh & calf of my right leg (injured knee) is now far stronger than my left one!!

I’m also going to try and swim more now that I have my new Anita Comfort swimsuit.

 Having not swam for a very long time and changing shape due to my time off, I have felt a little self conscious. Luckily for me, the Anita Comfort swimwear takes care of those bumps and turns them into smooth curves leaving me feeling confident and focused on my swimming, knowing that I actually look good in a swimsuit! So wish me luck, I’ll report back soon!

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