FUN // A weekend in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

I spent the last weekend in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the North East of England celebrating a friends Stag Do. I hadn’t done ANY research before I went and had no idea what the plan was, or even if there was a plan!

As luck had it the stags’ best man had everything in hand and from meeting at the train station at 11 am on Friday to the return journey on Sunday afternoon we had something planned for the whole time we were there.

I’d barley drank my morning coffee when the first round of shandy’s were in!

There were 17 of us in total, many of whom I’d never met before, so as every new person arrived throughout the evening on Friday night they brought a new sense of energy with them too.

We stayed at The Premier Inn on Quayside, which I’ve since learnt is one of the most convenient places to stay in Newcastle. It was only 10 minutes walk from the train station, 10 minutes walk from the bars and 10 minutes walk from the nearest museum, and it was right under the famous Tyne Bridge!

View of Tyne Bridge from Gateshead Bridge

On the Friday evening we headed out to Bigg Market. It’s Newcastle’s main spot for bars and clubs, there were so many different places to choose from across the square but we picked a placed called ‘Filthys’. It was absolutely hammed so it was really difficult to get served, it seems that the Geordies are pretty laid back when it comes to prompt bar service on a Friday night. Then again, it was St Patricks Day so I imagine they were probably counting down the hours till home time!

Who doesn’t love a Paddys Day Celebration?

We woke up the next day a little hazy from the after effects of tequila slammers and  so took a walk along the River Tyne to clear our heads. Both amused and wowed by the Gateshead Millenium Bridge we watched the fabulous piece of enginnering in motion as it lifted to let a boat pass through. I’m not sure if it really was as impressive as it felt or whether we were so easily pleased in our hungover state.

Either way, we took ourselves across the water to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art where we took in the work of Rodney Graham and others. I think it’s important to make sure you fit in a bit of culture into any weekend away when you visit a new city. Even if it is a stag do!

Saturday afternoon was the main event of the weekend for me though. We headed over to the local sports centre for an ‘Old School Sports Day’. It was SO much fun. At ¬£27 pp it was a tad pricey in my opinion but on reflection absolutely worth it for the hilarity. We split into 3 teams and enjoyed races on space-hoppers, balancing bean bags and with the egg & spoon. My favourite was wearing these ridiculous goggles that made the floor concave. It was so difficult to even walk in a straight line, never mind complete a slalom type race!

To celebrate our teams success (and the stag of course) we then spent the evening enjoy the most delicious Thai food at a restaurant called Mantra Thai. Honestly every person there agreed that aside from the food we’ve eaten in Thailand itself, this was the most authentic food we’d tasted. The place was beautifully decorated and the service impeccable. Definitely recommend this place in you’re heading to Newcastle. A sophisticated meal was just what we needed to mingle with our new friends and hear fond memories and funny stories of the stag.

To finish off the weekend we headed out to the ‘Gay Village’ of Newcastle and went to a bar called ‘Rusty’s’. With an LED palm tree and DJ in drag playing all of our favourite cheesy tunes, we had a blast.

Needless to say, on the train on the way home we were much more subdued than on the way there. With our money spent and livers abused we were all glad to get home to our own beds.

Have you ever been to Newcastle? What things are on your ‘must-do’ list for a city break?


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