FUN // You know it’s Manchester Pride when…

You know it’s Manchester Pride when…

  1. The whole city turns rainbow coloured
  2. You have to pay to walk along streets that are usually free
  3. Prosecco in pint glasses is acceptable
  4. Your Kidneys feel like they’ve packed their bags and are ready to move out
  5. You’ve spent enough money to pay for a short holiday but you haven’t even left the City
  6. You have to check your photos to recall exactly what happened
  7. Rainbow face paint or glitter is standard
  8. You bump into a least one person you’d rather never see again
  9. Someone barfed
  10. Your muscles ache from your crazy dance moves
  11. You wake up with more wristbands than you can shake a stick at
  12. There are more emergency services in the parade than there are on a Friday night in town
  13. Someone lost some sunglasses
  14. Your Liver may as well be in a jar
  15. Anything white that you owned is now only fit for the bin
  16. You have Jagerbombs with breakfast
  17. You survive on less sleep that someone with insomnia
  18. Your feet don’t feel like your own
  19. You’ve lived on carbs for 4 days straight
  20. You tell yourself you’ll give it a miss next year but always end up buying a ticket!

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