FUN // KICKair ~ Manchester’s Indoor Freestyle Park 

If you’re looking for something fun to do with either the kids, your mates or even your work colleagues then a visit to KICKair Manchester is a must. It’s the city’s best Indoor Freestyle Park and here’s why.

You may have seen the many indoor activity parks that have popped up across the city in recent years, the kids I know absolutely love them, but KICKair isn’t just aimed at kids, and it isn’t like any other park you’ll have been to before.

my friends and I with KICKair in the backgroundOf course there are similarities with the Air Zone. A huge area of trampolines for you bounce to  your hearts content, but KICKair is so much more than just a trampoline park.

After an initial hiccup with our waiver forms not coming through and then being given the wrong wristbands we were through our safety briefing with plenty of time to spare before our session.

KICKair is aptly named as it’s separated into 2 main sections, the Air Zone and yes you guessed it, the KICK Zone. Hourly sessions for each zone are £10, but if you purchase a crossover ticket (£13 per hour) you can enjoy both sections and its definitely worth it.


In the Kick Zone you will find everything you need to entertain even the most dedicated football enthusiasts. My personal favourite was Robokeeper. It’s a state of the art electronic goal keeper that you have to try and beat, it’s much harder than it looks, I could only get to level 3 of 10! If you visit KICKair I’d love to know what level you get to! 4 feet each wearing a kick air sock with grips

We also played speed goal, where you have to kick the footballs through holes in a wall to your opponents area and those with the least balls in their area at the end of the time are the winners. We played adults verses kids, and we won. (although we did have to cheat to beat them!!)


In the Air Zone you’ll find all sorts of other fun stuff to do whilst bouncing, like playing basketball, jumping over a series of walls, having a go at dodge ball and even trying out the speed and reaction tests.

an overview of the indoor park

There’s a section of extra bouncy trampolines too (not for the faint hearted) and they will propel you over 7ft into the air where you can jump on and off walls parkour style.

You’ve all seen the popular TV show, well now the ninja warrior inside you can finally be unleashed as you go head to head on a similar course, but don’t worry if you fall, there’s no water beneath. You will however need the rest of your group to chant those famous words to you as you reach the end of the course to see if you can ‘beat the wall!’


Our hour seemed to fly by, especially after the many attempts to get across the tight rope!

soft play area for small childrenOn our way out we saw the Mini Kicks area too, a soft play area for children under 6 but it we didn’t go in as we were all too old! (story of my life these days)

kick cafeWe collected our shoes and things from the lockers and made our way over to the cafe for a drink and a cool down before laughing all the way home as we reminisced.

You can book your sessions online here I’d love to know what you think if you do go, or perhaps you’ve already been? Leave a comment below to let me know.

Thanks for popping by, Hayley x


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