FUN // Altrincham has a new resident for shoe lovers

Altrincham has a new resident and it comes in the form of Jake Shoes. One thing that was missing from The Stamford Quarter was a decent shoe shop but now you can be sure to find all of your favorite shoe brands under one roof. No matter what your size or style.

You have probably heard about Altrincham across social media posts, be it for their popular award winning market or famous ice rink, but a new resident to their shopping hub ‘The Stamford Quarter’ gives you another reason to visit this suburban town.

Jake Shoes is a family run business established in 1975 with existing stores in Manchester’s Arndale Centre and Stockport town centre. Jake Shoes focuses on bringing a variety of brands together to service the footwear needs of all. From top high street brands like Fly London, Irregular Choice and UGG to lesser known brands from smaller factories such as Heavenly Feet and Yokono, there is a choice for everyone at Jake Shoes.


hot fresh popcorn in a retro dispenser
Mmmm Popcorn!

I was kindly invited over to Jake Shoes new Altrincham store for their official launch night to check out their latest (and rather impressive) venture where there was prosecco and beer on arrival with accompanying sweets and crisps too (so far so good). The staff were all present and correct, full of enthusiasm for the launch and Jake had arranged for some extra special treats for the night too.

The first was the popcorn machine which I quickly made a beeline for, not much can beat warm sweet popcorn whilst you browse the dreamy footwear. I got my first glimpse of the new Irregular Choice shoes, I love this brand, their shoes are so whacky and now they have unicorn slippers too! What do you think of these?

Retro arcade grabber filled with soft toys and special treats
Probably the BEST thing I’ve ever seen at a launch event!



As a special launch night surprise Jake’s arcade style grab machine had been filled with extra special treats hidden inside small plastic balls. When it was my turn to play I spotted a small blue ball with a superman logo on it and decided to play for that one. I cannot tell you how made up I was when I opened it to reveal I’d won a pair of Ruby Shoo Shoes! (OMG!)



ruby shoo heel with lace finish and bow to the front in cream with champagne ribbon around the backMy love affair with Ruby Shoo started earlier this year when looking for my wedding shoes and I spotted a these beauties in the Manchester Arndale branch of Jake Shoes. I got so many comments on my Wedding Day, they were a real hit!black heeled shoe with lace pattern and bow to the front

There were a few different styles and colours to choose from at Jake’s Altrincham store but as soon as I saw these I knew I had to have them. They are the black version of my wedding shoes! (It was meant to be!

Winner Winner Jake Shoes Dinner?!

Photo of me holding popcorn in one hand and my new shoes in a bag in the other hand


The store itself is so spacious and bright, plenty of room to sit down and try shoes on and they even have church pews and airplane seats! Not forgetting a pool table in the mens corner.

You can order online on their website for delivery or Click & Collect and if you’re a student you can get a discount too.

Ruby Shoo sign with 3 pairs of shoes the same style but different colours

The launch night was great fun and with the Altrincham Christmas Lights being switched on this Saturday (18th November) it would be a great opportunity to pop in for a look around; I’m told the popcorn machine will still be there too!


Which are your favourite pair of Jake Shoes? Here are two of my top picks.

These BOGS would look so cute on my baby nephew!
I just LOVE these Fly London boots!

2 Replies to “FUN // Altrincham has a new resident for shoe lovers

  1. What a fab right up! Thanks for coming lovely. It was fab to meet you! It was great night and lucky you winning those fab shoes.

    Alice Fairweather

  2. Hi Hayley, thank you so much for coming down and your lovely comments, and we’re really pleased you like the store! We hope to see you again very soon!

    Jake & Tom

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