Help! We’re planning a wedding!

Seven months engaged 

We’d better plan the wedding

So here begins the journey

God knows where we’re heading.

Guest lists, venues and food choices

Speeches and table plans too,

A cake and a photographer 

Who knew there was so much to do?

There’s so many do’s and donts,

Have this, pick that, go there, 

Even picking a colour theme 

Is enough to grey my hair.

I’ll book onto all these wedding fayres

To see what others do

Because if I’m completely honest

I haven’t got a clue.

It’s such an important event 

The responsibility is huge 

And if our dresses are last seasons 

We’ll be the critics front page news.

What if we go abroad 

And don’t have anyone there?

Will it cause mass hysteria 

Or will people really not care?

Everything’s so expensive 

It’s like a wedding V.A.T

‘Ah it’s for your wedding day

So times the price by 3’

Are we the only people 

Who don’t really mind

Whether the favours on the table 

Are generic or one of a kind?

Do others really worry

About what people think

To the point of going crazy 

Pushing the budget to brink?

Many weddings out there 

Are really quite a show

But does that really matter 

When all your guests go?

What is more important 

The wedding or the marriage?

The vows they take at the alter 

Or the fancy horse drawn carriage?

Do we need the presence 

Of Justin Beiber or Adele

To have our guests go home

And tell their friends that it went well?

Or would our friends & family

Prefer a DJ and a beer

It really doesn’t need to be 

The wedding of the year!

We’ve so much more to ponder 

And I’m determined it will be

All about the two of us

Maybe Dora will make it 3

But the journey up ahead

Will be no stress – just fun

So we don’t consider divorce 

Before the deed is even done.


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