FUN // The Big Christmas Clean 

If you’re anything like me you’ll be dedicating a day this week to do the BIG CHRISTMAS CLEAN! 

A bit like a ‘Spring’ clean I always do a big Christmas clean to make sure the house is ready for the arrival of Christmas! Do you?

I like to give it a real good going over, pull the sofas out, shake out all the rugs, wash down the skirting boards, that sort of thing. That way I can well and truly welcome Christmas with open arms without feeling an ounce of guilt knowing I won’t be picking up the mop or the polish for the next few days! 

So what does a Christmas big clean consist of in your house? I have a go-to tick list that looks a little something like this:

  • Polish EVERYTHING polishable. Till it gleams. 
  • Wash & dry skirting boards moving all furniture 
  • Hoover every room, the sofas, the mattresses and not forgetting in the bed!
  • Wash the bedding, curtains and cushion covers 
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Clean the kitchen, moving everything off the worktops!
  • Pour unblocker down all the sinks 
  • Make sure all of the laundry is done and put away 
  • Mop the floors

I’ve found that Vileda are my go-to brand for all of my household cleaning products. Their mop and dustpan & brush get used so much in our house as we live in a pavement fronted terrace. So leaves get blown into the hallway every time the door opens and people walk straight into our hallway off the street with mucky feet because we have no porch area. 

I use both the broom & the compact mop to clean my bathroom as it’s a wet room, which is actually an acrylic pod! (Odd I know, but just go with it) I literally stand in the middle of the room and mop my walls and ceiling before spraying my shower around to rinse it! If you saw me it would certainly give you a laugh! 

The sponge cloths are great for washing up in the kitchen too, and they double up for wiping down the sides, table and chairs ready for that famous Christmas dinner. 

I often do my cleaning in my underwear too, laugh you might, but I think a lot of you reading this post will do the same? Whilst singing and dancing to the blaring music!

Then after the house is clean from top to bottom I enjoy a lovely shower in my sparkling bathroom and maybe even pour a rewarding glass of wine! 

Then feet up, relax, and let the Christmas  madness commence! 

Do you have any MUST have products that form part of your cleaning toolkit? What’s the one thing that you cannot clean without? 
*Sponsored post but all views are my own

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