FUN // Christmas Gift Guide 2016

With all the top supermarkets competing for the title of ‘best Christmas advert’ the countdown to the big day is well and truly on. Shopping for individual gifts for all the family can get overwhelming so here’s the helping hand you need if you’re stuck for some gift ideas.


Every girl loves a good pair of boots. It’s an essential item of our winter wardrobe and with all the latest trends boots are as desirable as ever. Now you’ll know that I’m no fashion expert or anything but I do appreciate my footwear & this pair of Melissa by Vivienne Westwood boots are perfect for those rainy days!

With their famous sweet smelling rubber they simply slip on and cuddle your feet providing a waterproof guard with style. The heel is robust enough to stomp around with the best of them without the risk of it buckling under the pressure and the smooth simple style means you can easily dress them up or down depending on the occasion. They served me well on a full day out around the Christmas markets in Manchester followed by some more sophisticated drinks (drunken cocktails) later at Be At One where I took full advantage of my free drinks tokens!

You can pick up a pair of these boots online here from Tessuti, for a massively discounted price of £85! And what I love about these boots is they can easily be wiped clean if they get mucky.


Men are usually quite difficult to buy for in my family and quite often they end up getting alcohol because it’s the only thing I can guarantee won’t go to waste. (I’m not sure what that says about my family but hey, moving on..)

This year I’m broadening my horizons and with the variety of products on offer at Scotts Menswear here I think you should too!

This Hugo Boss hoody is the perfect man gift that won’t break the bank either. It’s got the look as well as the label and as it isn’t too thick it looks smarter than the bulky hoodies you’ve had before. Get yours here & earn your brownie points.


I don’t have children of my own and so I use my nostalgic instinct to include a gift for the kids in this years guide, honestly though I don’t think I’ve done bad finding this one!

With a flash back to early 90’s which seems to be the common theme for most things these days, I give to you Rubix Spark! The all new electronic Rubix cube will not only text your dexterity but also your memory speed and logic! With no buttons you just tilt and turn the Spark to control it!

There are 6 different games to played and 25 unique levels suitable for single and multiple players, a must for every Christmas stocking this year. Get yours here!


Itty Bitty’s by Hallmark are the cutest little plush pals for any small hand to hold. They are great pushchair companions and travel buddies too. Itty Bitty’s come in all manor of styles too ranges include DC Comics, Star Wars, Marvel, Peanuts, Wizard of Oz and Snoopy! There are also limited Christmas editions too and if you’re lucky you could win one of them over on my Twitter page!

Itty Bitty’s would make a great stocking filler for the small people in your life or even the adult collectors. Find out more about these furry little friends over on their instagram page here and grab yours whilst you can. You can find these little ones over on Amazon.


The Areo Sports suspension kit is great for those who like to workout at home (also like me) it easily fixes to the door frame and provides a full body workout. Using your own bodyweight the straps are designed to give you a full body core workout improving cardio fitness, flexibility and balance all whilst burning fat!

You can get your own over on Amazon here for only £29.95, or keep watching my twitter page for a chance to win one this month!!

As a lifestyle blogger who talks a lot about fitness, I couldn’t just bring you one product for the Christmas gift guide!

The Areo Sport 2-in-1 foam roller is also a worthwhile purchase and at only £20.95 from Amazon it’s definitely worth adding to your basket.

If deep tissue massage is for you then the textured foam roller will having you groaning with pleasure to relieve any stiffness, lactic acid or muscle knots! If you’re not ready for the harder massage then just pop out the smooth low density inner roller to help you warm up before your workout or just to alleviate some stress! Perfect after a hard week at work!

Again you can win your own 2-in-1 foam roller over on my twitter page this month!


Now then, for those who read my blog regularly you will know that I’m not an expert in this field; but after my knee injury I’ve struggled to find a sport / exercise that keeps me as motivated and focused as running used to.

Welcome cycling! This is (hopefully) going to be my hobby of 2017 and I’ve spent lots of time looking online for tips around cycling and what bike I should choose! Now, I once did a 26 mile charity bike ride and I can honestly say it was one of the most challenging things I’ve done, but imagine how easy it would’ve been in one of these Fenetic Wellbeing E-bikes!! (That would be cheating I know!)

They’re great for those people who aren’t physically capable of exerting themselves though, perhaps through disability, illness or age related changes.

In other words, minimum effort required for maximum enjoyment! These bikes can be ridden as a normal bike without the electric assistance, they also have a mode where you can pedal and have a helping hand from the battery which gives you a boost and lastly you can switch to full electric mode and ease through the countryside with no pedalling at all!

The foldable mountain bike is my favourite, I could just see myself popping it into the boot and heading into the countryside, and it would mean storage would be much easier at home!  This one is £849 so it is a gift for someone who’s been really good this year but if you want to push the boat out on a gift with a difference this would be a great choice.


I wear dresses every day for work and so my wardrobe is full of them but they all tend to be smart and very much business attire. The problem is with my type of work I have to be prepared for all sorts of things; I’m in and out of the car, heading off to meetings or getting into ‘less desirable places’ all in one day, so really I could do with a dress that’s both smart and practical which tends to be difficult to find.

Then I found this Therapy Cold Shoulder Bodycon dress from House Of Fraser. It’s warm which is great for this time of the year and worn with a cardigan or suit jacket is smart enough for the most important meetings. Going out for after work drinks? Or somewhere you just want to dress up a tad? No worries.. change your court shoes to something less formal, add some accessories and away you go for a night out looking as glam as the rest of them.

One of my favourite things about the dress though is the fact that it doesn’t have a split up the back!  Sounds daft? Well let me tell you, by climbing in and out of tight spaces and getting in and out of the car often I have split the back of many a dress at work! When I wear this one though… I can stride as long or wide as I like without a single care in the world.


For those who know me personally you will already know that ‘Be Seen Be Safe’ is pretty much my motto for anything outdoorsy. I run in the most garish colours I can find and whether they go together or not is irrelevant as long as they can see me coming. So imagine my joy when I received this luminous yellow fleece Tankie for Dora from Equafleece.

She hates wearing it because she hates wearing anything, but once it’s on she actually forgets and carries on with business as usual. It soft, comfortable and obviously really bright!

Keeping my dog safe when out walking in these darker nights is challenging because she’s so small and she’s mostly dark grey. She runs ahead on the lead and although I wouldn’t let her go into the road without being by my side she still has to dodge pedestrians and cyclists on the pavement! Wearing the brightly coloured jumper makes her stand out and people notice her straight away.

The other problem we often have with Dora is when we let her off the lead in the park. She just blends into the darkness of the tress and fallen leaves across the darker fields of the park. Not anymore! Out on our first walk we had almost every other dog walker stop us to make comment on her jumper. Things like ‘you can see her coming’ ‘she’s like a neon light’ and ‘you can’t miss her in that’ were some of the things people said. Now Dora doesn’t go anywhere without it once the sun has set! You can see how effective it is in this photo!


I’ve recently been trying my hand at some home cooking, in particular home baking & healthy eats. I used a lot of elbow grease mixing and whisking until I landed this bad boy.

The Savisto 3-in-1 Hand Blender has literally been a god send. I’ve used it to make soup, to mix cake mixture and to whisk my protein mixes. It’s a blender, whisk and food processed all in one.

What makes this blender better than any other hand blender I’ve had before is that it sits perfectly in the bowl so you can easily control the mixing speed and even on the most powerful setting it doesn’t make a mess! (Which is great because when I cook I usually make the kitchen look like a bomb site!) you can get your hands on one of these for only £37.99 and you can choose to have one in either Red or Black!

I hope I’ve given you some good ideas. What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?



*This is a sponsored post but the opinions are my own.

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