Florida Road Trip Finale: The Keys

Day 9 was dedicated to the drive and thanks to a recommendation from a fellow ‘tweeter’ we had downloaded an audio tour guide called Gypsy Tours.
The guide is set to take you from Miami to Key West but with a little bit of adjustment we started him off between Florida City and Key Largo. We figured this would keep our interest for the 3 hour drive ahead. 
As we drove the guide automatically began to play between our music through the car speakers, telling us about upcoming points of interests and even bars and activity points that were worth a visit. We took his advice to stop on a few occasions which broke up the driving and gave us a few experiences that we may otherwise have missed out on.
Our favourites were probably Robbies and Bahai Honda State Park, so if you’re planning a trip to the keys I’d recommend these stops to you. 
Robbies was a place we’d read about before the trip, it’s a small pier where you can feed tarpons by hand. Be careful though, some are huge and can jump really high. It was great fun getting down on the deck though to dangle the fish as low as we could. (Who cares if you’re lying on a dirty floor… You’re on holiday!!) 
Check out my slow mo video!!    

The next stop was Bahai Honda. A very beautiful and picturesque State Park, voted one of the top places in America to visit by many different travel sites. The sand here is light and the sea is blue so it makes for some stunning photos and a refreshing dip if you feel the need. 

Make sure you wear swimwear for the drive…We pulled up here took off our clothing and jumped right in in our bikinis. It doesn’t take long to dry off in the Florida sunshine either. Especially at 34 degrees.
We also stopped at a little place called Anna Beach which you could easily drive passed if it was pointed out. It was beautiful here too, in fact, everywhere you look on the coasts of the Florida Keys is beautiful! We had a little dip here too to cool down. But here, like all over the keys, there is quite a lot of Seagrass on the sea floor. So if you don’t like the feel of things tickling your toes you may prefer the beaches on the west coast. (I did)
We arrived in Key West just after lunch where we checked into The Silver Palms Inn, a gorgeous, new and very central hotel within easy walking distance of the major points of interest. The pool area was lush.
 We didn’t do a great deal here in Key West. After the last 9 days of driving we planned only on chilling out here to relax and enjoy Naomi’s birthday before we had to go home! Something I would probably do if we came back though, is paddle board through the mangroves, it really did look rather interesting. 
One thing I DID decide to do though is a SKYDIVE, as part of my #30things. I’ll tell you more about that here though! We also spent a LOT of time having fun in the bars on Duval Street! 

 Watch the beautiful skies at the Mallory Square sunset parties…  

And of course visiting the famous southernmost point!

To top off what had been the most amazing holiday of my lifetime, we had champagne delivered to the room as a surprise my parents for our engagement. We sipped it away whilst reminiscing the last 11 days.

Miami, The Kennedy Space Center, Orlando, The Salvador Dali Museum, Americas No 1 Beach, a convertible Mustang, our ENGAGEMENT, The Everglades Airboat ride & a Key West Birthday and Skydive… You can’t argue with that can you?

Florida Road Trip. Tick.

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