Florida Road Trip Day 7: Naples & The Proposal

We drove south along the west coast of Florida past Fort Myers and into Naples today. If we’d have had more time we may have visited Sanibal Island as I hear it’s beautiful, or even continued down to Marco Island; but as it is we’ve got a relatively tight itinerary so today was all about our overnight in Naples before the big drove through the Everglades tomorrow.

It was originally booked as a pit-stop, with nothing significant to do or see in Naples, but of course that changed somewhat. 

After the last couple of nights and my failed attempts to pop the big question, I decided that tonight would be the night. We spent the day around the pool chatting to a lovely lady who had moved out to Florida from England before dining out at a restaurant called Outback a short drive away. 

This was one of our favourite meals of the holiday so far, the meat was perfectly cooked and really tasty, we would never have said it was a chain restaurant. 

With my determination to see a decent beach sunset I suggested a short drive down to Naples beach and thankfully this time Naomi agreed and the weather was perfect! I’d imagined the moment of proposal over and over, it would be perfect lighting on a secluded white crisp beach…

So where are all these people from?? 

We walked along the shore line for a few minutes whilst other couples romanced in the stunning surroundings and families gathered for intimate sunset parties. I was plucking up the courage to get down on one knee with an audience when there was a break in passer by’s and a perfectly timed bit of privacy. 

I won’t tell you too much more… I’ll just share a few photos that we took shortly afterwards to remember our special moment. All you need to know is, she said yes!



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