Florida Road Trip Day 6: Siesta Key

Finishing day 5 lazing around on Americas number 1 beach certainly set the mood for the weekend. We had a lie in on Saturday before simply heading back down to the beach to soak up more sunshine.
Being able to laze around on the whitest beach I’ve ever seen and swim in the warm bath like waters without a care in the world felt like a gift. I could easily stay here for longer than we have time for.
The biggest decision of the day was what time to head to the local 7-11 for some midday snacks. When I did though, I realised that America really does do EVERYTHING bigger, check out this can of fosters beer!!


And this wine I found in Walmart!  

What Naomi didn’t know as we joked around on the beach today was the real reason we were actually there. I’ve been so busy this year making the most of life putting things down to my #30things concept that she assumed I’d booked the holiday for that.

In actual fact I’d spent months planning, saving and working out the perfect way to ask her to marry me.
We’ve been together for over 4 years now, we’ve had some challenges (haven’t we all?) but through thick and thin we’ve stick together and grown closer and stronger. I love her with all of my heart. 
I decided that Americas number 1 beach would be nothing less than a perfect spot to pop the question, so with my favourite dress on, the diamond ring in my pocket and the sun beginning to set, I suggested we take a stroll along the sand…
It was then that heavens opened and Siesta Key began to flood..
Proposal fail.

So off we went for dinner where Naomi was blissfully unaware of the secret in the pocket of my dress all night!


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