Florida Road Trip Day 2: Fort Lauderdale & Cape Canaveral

I feel as though I slept like a log last night. Yesterday was hectic and I knew today wouldn’t differ. I’d been dreading getting back into the car after our precarious drive from Miami airport a couple of nights ago. 

Living the dream driving the roads of Florida in a mustang convertible hadn’t seemed all that amazing when we left the airport in the dark with the roof down and it started to rain! I couldn’t see where I should’ve been going, everything on the wrong side on the road and people beeping their horns left right and centre. No wonder we decided to do valet parking for the 2 nights we’d had in Miami. 

Today I had to face my fear though, if I didn’t drive how on earth would we complete our trip? I got my big girl pants on and collected the car from out the front of our hotel. It really is an awesome car, I seriously needed to have a word. Today’s drive would consist of a total of 300 miles, and began right here, right now.

After the first 20-30 minutes I was feeling far more confident. Easily zipping between lanes and sticking to speed limits without thinking I was going too fast we soon arrived at our first stop, Fort Lauderdale. 

We only stopped here for breakfast on the day thanks to some fellow Yelpers who recommended a place called BREW which was part of an art gallery with a similar concept to Wynwood Walls in Miami. Thankfully Naomi had come across this place as it as it was very cool and not at all touristy.  

We ate croissants and drank what would end up being one of the best cups of coffee of the trip before taking a walk out back down the railway track to see the wall art.   

One thing I loved about this place was the chalk board walls in the toilet (yes it’s the small things!) so we left our mark quite literally before left!

Back in the car and a couple of hours later (which far more driving confidence now) we arrived in Cape Canaveral for our visit to NASA, John F Kennedy Space Center. 


My friend Jacqui had told me that if I didn’t go to the space Center on my trip to Florida then I was totally nuts, and I know many people say it’s a must-do so we made sure we factored it into our road trip. I’m glad we did.

I’m no space enthusiast and neither is Naomi but it is fascinating to hear their stories and actually see for yourself some of the space craft and launch pads that were used to send humans into space! We didn’t arrive until 3pm though and in hindsight we perhaps should have given ourselves more time to see everything. The centre closes at 6pm but to be honest after 3 hours we’d had our fill of Space. We’d done an informative bus tour, walked around real space craft and watched an IMAX movie as well as experienced the simulation of a real life shuttle launch.   


I’m not one to buy people presents from holidays, but I couldn’t leave here without buying a little something for Jacqui, after all, it was her who persuaded us to come and it’s one of her bucket list things! 

Fort Lauderdale. Tick.

Kennedy Space Center. Tick.

Now on to Orlando..

4 Replies to “Florida Road Trip Day 2: Fort Lauderdale & Cape Canaveral

  1. I loved Brew, even I felt really cool there and the coffee was amazing!! Blue A. the Yelp Community Manager for Broward-Palm Beach was a great help with recommending places to go, I just wish we had more time to discover places like Fort Lauderdale.

    Kennedy Space Center, was kind of wasted on me, I think it’s amazing but I’m just not a Space kinda gal! However I would definitely recommend it to parents as it would be an awesome inspirational trip to do if you had children.

  2. I love the chalk board idea! If we had them here there wouldn’t be as much graffiti all over the walls from 20 years ago lol. NASA looks great – bet Louis would like it x

  3. Booked in online before we went with Sixt. They were great, we paid online beforehand but decided to upgrade to sunpass and sat nav so paid for that on arrival. No problems on returning it either, great staff.

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