Florida road trip. Day 1: Miami

A friend of mine who has been to Florida more times than I’ve been to the theatre was surprised to hear I’d booked a direct flight to Miami. ‘Oh you’re travelling the expensive way are you?’  were his words, he’s obviously not seen the price of the new direct Thomas Cook flight. 

As we approach Miami airport I’m expecting whistles and bells beyond the door of my Airbus A330. This is the place where a small condo can easily cost you millions of dollars.

Sadly the money in Miami doesn’t stretch as far as the airport, in fact if doesn’t seem to stretch much beyond South Beach & Biscayne Bay.

We had booked 2 nights in Miami at a place called Lincoln Arms Suites at the north end of South Beach, one night being the night of arrival in Miami and the other being the night before a long drive up to Orlando the morning after. In essence it only left us with 24 hours to see as much of Miami as we could. 

Firstly, sleep is for wimps. We landed at 17:30ish and after a huge walk across the airport and a lengthy wait for the rental car we finally arrived at the hotel at around 9pm.

Next, ditch the cases, get a shower & head to South Beach (SoBe to the locals). Eat little and drink lots to keep you powering through! (Drinks wisely and all that!) I’d love to say we partied hard but if I’m honest we hit the sack at around 3am which for us felt like 8am meaning we’d been awake a full 24hours!! My favourite place to party was ‘Clevelander ‘ an open air ‘club’ on Ocean Drive complete with a DJ, lasers and a pool!

After a few hours sleep we had 1 day to see ALL of Miami. We’d done plenty of research beforehand so hopped straight onto a bus tour which took us around 3 loops. Downtown, uptown and beach (I’ll come back this). We even included a boat tour around Biscayne Bay!

It was almost 7pm by the time we got back to the hotel, just enough time to get showered and head back down to Ocean Drive for more drinks and a great meal at a place called Naked Taco that we’d read some good reviews about on Yelp! 

We considered going to Twist, a well known gay club, but I had to drive to Orlando in the morning and it had been a long and very HOT day so we headed for bed at around 23:30 after a quick visit to the famous Miami ink! 

Whistle stop tour of Miami. Tick. 

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