Fit for a wedding??

So we’ve finally started planning the wedding & despite almost everything being quoted at around double the price we’d set the budget for we’ve actually managed to book the venue, decide on a photographer & DJ, and choose our flowers. 

There’s still SO much to do but the one thing that’s playing on my mind is finding the dress!! Having never done this sort of thing before I have no idea how long this process will take & im hoping to lose some weight before the big day.

How long before you got married did you start dress shopping? Did you lose weight before your big day? Did this affect the dress purchase?? Hellllppp! 

Do I wait till I’m happy with my weight or do I go ahead and chose one and just order it in a size smaller?! 

I’m really getting into my HIIT sessions now and I’ve just had some Bodymax weights delivered & a step so that I can do some Les Mills Bodypump classes at home too! On that note… Do you do any home workouts? Have you tried Les Mills or HIIT? What do you think? Any recommendations??

I’m rather excited about the changes it could make to my wedding day body so i’d really like to feel less stressed about the whole thing!! 

Advice greatly accepted!


A stressed bride to be. 

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  1. Start looking for a dress, 9 times out of 10 they won’t have one in your size & they’ll do a proper fitting about 6weeks before the wedding so as long as you don’t drop 4 dress sizes you’ll be fine! It might be the 1st one you try on or the last bit you won’t know until you start looking. Plus you may have a dress style in mind then hate it when it’s on. Trying lots with enough time means you can narrow down your selections. I’m always free for wedding dress shopping xx

  2. Apply for say yes to the dress!
    My dress was the first one I tried on

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