#GOSSresolutions February Roundup

We’ve made it to the beginning of March which means we have all had 2 full months of New Years Resolution action… or have we?

This link up was designed as a experimnet to see how determined people really are. To find out how long it takes for commitment to wilt and what drives those who do stick with their goal plans.

In the January Link Up there were 11 other people (besides me) who commited to making certain changes throughout 2015, yet by the February Link Up there were only 4! What happened guys? It’s only been 1 month!!

I really hope that everyone is back on track with their New Years Resolutions and can give us a March update as I’m really eager to see how everyone is doing. If you didn’t make New Years Resolution this year, it’s not too late! Set yourself a goal today, link it up here and we’ll all come back at the beginning of April to see how you’re getting on. The linky will be open until March 20th, so there’s plenty of time for you to get involved!

Link up your progress here by following the instructions below, then display the badge onto your post by copy & pasting the code below so your readers know where to find the other entries & please show your support to the other participants too, we all like a bit of comment love!

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