FUN // Dora Days

When my working week is done,
I try to fill my days with fun,
Not just for me but for my friend,
Because on me she does depend.

She stays at home some days alone,
Without a bark, a whine or moan,
So when I’m home I take her out,
And show her what life’s all about.

We visit many different places,
Meeting lots of smily faces,
She sits, waits and gives her paw,
So people love her all the more.

Like a shadow by my side,
In the passenger seat she rides,
And when we’re home she’s on my lap,
The only place that she will nap.

Her name is Dora I love her so,
If you’ve got a dog then you will know,
Just how much they fill your heart,
You dread the day you’ll have to part.

She lays in bed between her mums,
head on pillow while we rub her tum,
I hope she never changes her ways,
I love that dog and our Dora days.


4 Replies to “FUN // Dora Days

  1. She looks and sounds an absolute beauty. This poem rings true with my little baby mini schnauzer

  2. Her name is Doris. I love her to bits. She’s such a great character. Just need a lotwo win so I can be home all day with her

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