Day 6. My best friend #BEDAoutmumbered

Today’s prompt is to write about my best friend. It’s a funny topic really because I have a couple of really close friends who I depend on for various things, whether it’s advice, guaranteed fun or a shoulder to cry on.

There is one person though who has been there for me 110% for the whole time I’ve ever know her.


She’s seen me at my best and supported me through the worst. We’ve shared 12 whole years of awesomeness and I think that deserves the dedication of this post. In fact it deserves more than that, but I hope she’s happy with just this post. Lol


Together we’ve had some of the best times. We’ve been camping (a lot!) we’ve done Go Ape, we’ve visited the Enchanted Forest, we’ve ridden horses, visited theme parks, been on massive dog walks, been running together and done Pilates, we’ve travelled around the country on family holidays and been to a lot of parties, we’ve been clubbing and helped each other move house (me more than her lol) we’ve been to the cinema, we’ve been to concerts, we’ve been to posh restaurants and we’ve drank a LOT of alcohol! We know each other’s partners, parents, siblings and nephews and love each other’s pets. I was her best ‘wo’man at her wedding, an honour I’ll never forget.


We’ve argued, we’ve fallen out (always temporarily) and hated some of each other’s choices, we’ve had bad hair cuts and dodgy dress sense. We’ve each had our share of hard times and heartache and we’ve always depended on each other through bad times as well as good.


I was a bank worker, 17, at college and couldn’t drive and now I’m a house owner, 29, a good job and a loving partner. She was 22, a pub worker, long hair and too shy, now she’s a confident convertible driving 34 yr old wife!


It’s been quite a journey and I can’t thank her enough,
for the friendship she has given me especially when it’s been tough!
We’re still only young though and there’s so much more to do,
So thanks for everything so far Jax,
This one is for you!



And because she’s so fab she won’t kill me for putting up these photos…. Will you? Lol

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