Day 15. My dream destinations are.. #BEDAoutmumbered

1. New York City.
There are so many famous landmarks that is like to see for real rather than just on the tv. I’d like to visit ground zero to try and understand just how massive the twin towers were, and to pay my respects to lose who lost their lives. I’d like to walk through Central Park with Naomi holding hands and drinking coffee. And I’d really like to see a show on Broadway!

2. Australia.
I know that’s a huge spectrum so let me narrow it down! I’d like to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge to see the view from the top. I’d like to visit the Great Barrier Reef to see the vast amount of coral, the array of sea life and vivid colours for real. I really want to walk along Whitehaven beach to truly appreciate just how white the Whitsunday’s sand is. I like to see Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the outback of Oz too.

4. Miami / Florida.
I’m putting these two destinations in 1 point because I hope that when I visit one I will visit the other in the same trip. The child in me wants to go and see the Disney Parks, meet Mickey himself and ride all all the roller coasters! The sophisticated part of me wants to drive down the keys, stay somewhere on Miami beach and drink cocktails on a terrace overlooking the beach whilst watching the sun set!

5. Vegas baby.
I love a flutter every now and again and a bit of tack. Correct me if I’m wrong but I imagine Vegas to be tack tactic as well as fantastic so I’d love to go a waste some money amongst the flashing lights!

6. South East Asia.
I don’t know too much about this part of the world and that’s probably why it’s made it to the list. I’ve been to Thailand and absolutely loved it, so much so that it’s the only place I’ve ever been that I would love to go back to. I love Asian food and I’d really like to taste more authentic stuff so I think I’d be happy to just do a food tour lol

There’s my top 6 destinations! What are yours??

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  1. Nice list. I want to take the kids to Disney but it’ll probably be Paris! We know Mickey mouse, sort of. Or is it Minnie? I forget, but she’s married to Ted’s friend lol.

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