Day 13. Where I Live / 5 things I love about Salford. #BEDAoutmumbered

I’ve just recently moved to Salford, and although it doesn’t have a finest reputation here’s a few things that I love about where I live.

1. Our house is only 2/3 miles out of the city centre of Manchester, and given that we do almost all of our socialising in the city, it’s a Brucey bonus when it’s only £6 in a taxi home!


2. We are 1 mile away (yes that’s walking distance!) from the new(ish) development of Media City UK the home to ITV and BBC next to Salford Quays, where you will find The Lowry Shopping Centre & The Imperial War Museum. Overlooking the water there are bars & restaurants and during the summer you can take part in water sports and open water swimming!


3. Everything is cheap. When you’ve lived in the city like we have and paid ‘through the nose’ for things, you really appreciate the low cost of things when you move to a town on the outskirts!

4. I live in a really cool house.

5. Monty’s is across the road! Read more about why this made the list HERE!


What’s great about where you live? I’m looking forward to reading about other peoples home towns over at Outmumbered for the #BEDAoutmumbered challenge!!

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  1. It might not have the best reputation but at least it’s not Radders lol. I love Media City – I will even drive there of my own accord and you know how I get when I go further than Whitefield!

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