FUN // All Or Nothing – The Mod Musical

I love a good musical. Going to the theatre is something that feels like a real treat to me because I don’t actually go all that often.

That’s why when I got invited to go to the opening night of All Or Nothing at The Opera House in Manchester I just couldn’t resist. What could be better than a night of on stage entertainment to brighten up an otherwise routine Tuesday?

On arrival my partner & I were wowed by the local celebs having their photos taken on the red carpet that had been laid outside along with some classic lambretta scooters which instantly transported you back in time to the 60’s when society was split into Mods & Rockers. 

Once inside with our drinks ordered and programmes in hand we found our seats in the circle. We had a great view with central seats where we got comfy just in time for the story of The Small Faces to play out.

Now if I’m completely honest I was probably one of the youngest in the audience at 31 and I’d never even heard of The Small Faces (shame on me), but going to the theatre is as much about culture as it is fun.

Written & produced by Carol Harrison (who played Louise Raymond for the die hard Eastenders fans out there) the show was fantastic from beginning to end. As the story unfolded I learned more about the Mod era and it was clear to see that the people around me were having a cracking time. With every toe tap & thigh slap those who knew the words were singing along to some of The Small Faces biggest hits. I even knew the words to some of them!

The acting was great with a good chunck of humour thrown in for good measure and the band were fantastic. There was some serious musical talent up there. 

We left Manchester City Centre feeling musically educated and as we walked to the car hand in hand singing sha la la la lee it was clear we’d had a great night!

All Or Nothing is only in Manchester until the 22nd October 2016 so get your tickets here before they head of on the rest of their U.K. Tour.

* I was provided with 2 free tickets for this production but all views are my own.

3 Replies to “FUN // All Or Nothing – The Mod Musical

  1. I don’t know them rither but yes – it’s all about being educated! Looks like you had fun, I love the theatre too but life is so busy isn’t it!

  2. It’s funny when you haven’t heard of a band’s name but know their songs – isn’t that the sign of a great band? A band that transcends time and generations. I took my mum as we’re both lovers of anything Mod! It was a great evening, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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