365 Days Worth Living

Today is the first full day that I’ve been 31 and in my 31 years I’ve learned that life isn’t perfect for anyone (contry to what their Facebook page may say).
I’ve also learned that the world can be a materialistic and judgemental place to be, peer pressure is often unavoidable and at times life can feel like your rubbing the cheese the wrong way down the grater. 

Therefore there are times when we should take a step back and reflect on the positives in life. Enjoy a minute to be grateful for what we have and be thankful for the moments we’ve experienced.

So I’ve decided to try and complete a full 365 days of photographs to show why my life is full of ‘Days Worth Living’ (even through tough times) and I’d love for you to join in with me and document why your life is full of ‘Days Worth Living’ too!

All you need to do is take a daily photograph of something that’s made you happy, grateful or generally positive each day and if you want to share it use the hashtag #365DaysWorthLiving ; I hope that by playing along you will begin to see the good in situations you never did before. The fun in an otherwise mundane day and the light in the darker of your situations. I’ll put money on you feeling more positively about all aspects of your life after only a month or so.

I imagine there will be days when choosing just one photograph of something that’s made us feel good that day will be a challenge because there will be many good things about the day. There will be other days where we feel it’s been a boring uneventful or even miserable day and on these days the #365DaysWorthLiving challenge will force us to search deeper, to really try to pick out something that we’ve been grateful for on a day that you may otherwise have written off. 

Share your daily moments on Facebook, Instagram (I’m over here: @getoutandseestuff) or Twitter (@GetOutSeeStuff) if you wish, or just keep them private if you’d prefer; that’s your call. I’ll be sharing mine so if you’d like to follow my progress please follow my social media links above, feel free to tag me on your posts but I’ll search the hashtag too!

So…Today I’m feeling very grateful, I have had a wonderful weekend of good wishes for my birthday and this is my image for Day 1. I think it’s quite apt. 

I’ve been following Happy Socks on Facebook for a while now and funky socks are something that I love. I was lucky enough to recieve this box from my lovely dog Dora (with a little help from her mummy of course ❤️)

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  1. Fab motivational words Hayley although already thankfuln& blessed with my life I’m in #365DaysWorthLiving thank you

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