#30things January Edition

If you’re wondering what #30things is, click here for a full explanation. In short it’s my way of celebrating turning 30 in 2015 by filling the year with life enriching experiences.

January has largely been a month of planning with the odd one or two notable events. So far I’ve got planned; 3 holidays, 1 UK hotel stay, 1 theatre visit, 1 rather lovely restaurant attendance, a spa day & a trip to a prestigious sporting event. I really am rather excited.

So how did January fair in the grand scheme of my #30things campaign?

1. Spending more time with friends.

We all get busy with our own commitments, work, house chores and Dora are usually what soak up my time. Being a shift worker it’s important to factor in enough quality time with my partner too, and sometimes when you put all of that together it leaves little time for friends. I love my friends though, and I really think it’s important to take time out for them so in January I’ve been on 2 separate lunch dates with 2 friends who also have busy schedules. It was great to catch up, and also visit a rather lovely restaurant in Whitefield called Porada.

2. Spending more time with family.

– Living only 4 miles away from my family means I’m really close to them but as with friends it’s not always possible to catch up with them as often as I’d like, particularly my sister Karen, her husband & my nephews. January is the month of Karens’ birthday though so it was a good excuse to have a ‘sister day’. We walked our dogs up Holcombe Hill in Bury before lunching in the Shoulder & Mutton. We chatted and laughed and I loved it! We must do it again soon! It was great to see the rest of her clan when the family came to visit us last weekend, although I was rather hungover, the boys made us laugh and Dora could play with Betsy too, so we were all pleased about their visit!


– When the phone rang at 7pm on a Friday evening with a last minute invitation to visit my auntie down in Stafford, what did we do? We went of course! It took us 30 minutes to pack the car and before we knew it we were on the motorway for an impromptu weekend of fun, fog and food! Spontenaety at it’s best.

3. Quality time with my better half.

– I know I regularly harp on about working shifts, but honestly most of my work days are evening & night shifts which means I don’t always get to see my partner when I’d like, so last week we made sure we took advantage of a rare night together and had a mini date night at Southern Eleven.


4. Days of fun.

– I was lucky enough to be invited to the Escape Rooms UK as part of a blogging event. It was such a fun evening where I also got to meet done fellow bloggers and have a glass of bubbly!

– My friends got married! Well, technically their wedding was back in 2012 but it was classed as a civil partnership until Friday when they officially converted to a marriage following the recent law change. I can’t tell you how happy I am for them, here’s to equality!


5. Improving my health & fitness.

– Many of those who linked up to #GOSSresolutions at the beginning of January wanted to improve fitness and/or lose weight. Me too, and after watching my calories I’ve lost a total of 6 1/2lb so far!

– I’ve been desperate to run a half marathon since completing the Salford City 10k back in September 2014, and had been following a training plan until I injured my knee in November. I thought it had recovered and hit the gym with a new January enthusiasm, but unfortunately it’s worse than I thought. I’m now undergoing Physio for cartilage damage, I’m gutted that I can’t run, but I’ll be back!


I’ve had a great January and so far I’ve stayed true to my New Years resolutions. Check out how others are getting on with their resolutions by clicking the link below.

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  1. You’ve had some lovely treats in January Hayley. Perhaps we should all take a leaf from your book and make time for ourselves and others. Looking forward to see what you have done in Fenruary.

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