#30things February Edition

How have we already hit March? Where is this year going? They say time flies when you’re having fun… So that must be what it is.

Have you given up on your New Years Resolutions yet? Here’s how February went in my #30things campaign

1. Firsts. 

I’m all about trying everything at least once & February the 1st brought my first attempt at yoga at a blogging event in Leeds. I loved it, what a great way to kick start the month. 

2. Theatre Visit.

In the #30things January Edition I mentioned a few things that I’d planned, one was this… The Lion King in theatre.  To some this is just another theatre visit, to me it was a childhood dream. Being born in the mid 80’s meant that when The Lion King graced our screens I was in the age range of it’s target audience. I fell in love with Simba and wanted to be king of the prideland as much as he did. I played the game on my old mega drive and would cry when Mufasa died in the stampede. Watching the production now I’m almost 30 took me right back to the days I would play the film on repeat. It was sensational, the acting, singing and the production as a whole… My favourite Christmas present by far. (I did actually cry when I opened the tickets but let’s not tell anyone that!)

3. Great John Street Hotel.

If you’re looking for decadance look here. What a special treat this was. My partner had booked it for the night of The Lion King so the night was simply perfect. I’d love to get married here.. 

4. Seizing the day. 

The whole idea of #30things is to seize the day. We could’ve easily decided to slop around for the afternoon after a fun (and alcohol) filled night the night before, but instead we made an impromptu visit to our favourite beach at Lytham St Anne’s. Both of our phone batteries died which we’d normally be feeling anxious about but today we just enjoyed it. The weather was cool but sunny and Dora had a blast on the wide open beach. Happy days. 

5. Dinner at Podium

Podium is the Hilton hotel restaurant in Beetham Tower in Manchester and my very generous sister gave us her winning prize of dinner for two with prosecco. Wow. I can honestly say the chateaubriand was THE best steak I’ve ever tasted and the lobster wasn’t bad either. The service was impeccable, and again another perfect night with my favourite one.

6. Valentines surprise.

Every year we agree that Valentines day is a commercialised thing and we won’t succumb to the pressures of spending endless amounts of money on daft things (just for the sake of it) or flowers that are less than half the price the following day… Obviously that still went out of the window. Naomi brought home these gorgeous roses for me and I treated us both to a Fitbit Charge HR. Not half as romantic I know, but something we’d both been wanting. 

7. Days out with friends. 

I know this formed part of the January edition but I think it’s important to include it every month if I can.  I work with some lovely people yet we rarely see one another out of work so this was out opportunity to change that! I did a 4.5 miles dog walk around Pennington flash with cake and lots of laughs with 2 great ladies from work. Fab day!

8. Cocktail making with Yelp!

You’re already excited aren’t you.  Me too. I recently joined Yelp! and have been lucky enough to go along to two of their Elite members events. The first was a cocktail making event at Elixir Tonic & Treats in Manchester, and the 2nd a very different experience tasting pies, ales and Malaysian street down at Severn Brothers Brewery in Salford where we learnt how to make Beer Cocktials! Confused? Me too.. But they tasted great, and best of all.. It was free! 

9. I complained! 

I know what you’re thinking, if you complained it means you’re not happy and how can that be a good thing?! Well, it’s not, but still.. Bear with me.  As you know I’ve been having knee issues, and this month the shit-th hit-the the fan-th when the Physio BURNT MY KNEE. Yep, burnt a hole in it. So I’ve made a formal complaint which has resulted in an impending MRI scan, so hopefully I’ll have some answers soon and I can look towards my future of running again! Look away now if you’re squeamish.

is from this!!

10.  Family time.

Here’s another thing that I aim to include in every months post. I absolutely love my family more than I can express so what could be better than ending February with a visit from my father in law (alright, I know, we’re not married yet but you get what I mean) for the weekend from down south. It was lovely to catch up with him as it’s been a few months since we saw him so a few beers, a homemade cake and a couple of dog walks made for the perfect Daddy Visit! 

February you have been AWESOME, thank you! 

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  1. Yelp is free Laura! Just download the app, log in and starting reviewing places. Once you’re in to the swing of things you can get invited to really cool events! 🙂

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