FOOD // It really is all about the prep.

For the last couple of weeks my blog has suffered a degree of neglect. Not because I couldn’t be bothered or didn’t know what to say, but purely because I’ve barely had time to write!

My OH & I are getting married in less than 5 months (just in case I haven’t mentioned this enough already) and so we are well and truly on the road to wedding dress related fitness.

With a pretty strict healthy eating regime I’ve noticed a real difference in the amount of time I’ve spent cooking. I get home from work and after sorting out Dora (our little schnauzer baby) I get straight to work in the kitchen; I prepare a snack for my OH before she heads out to to gym or a meal if her class is later in the evening. After which I pack her off to her PT and immediately start preparing the breakfast and lunch for the following day.

Omelette muffins baked with 2 eggs & bacon pieces, served with a decaff coffee. An ideal breakfast.

The old saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ has never seemed so obviously true though. Without all of the prep I do there is just no way we would both have the time to workout and actually spend some time together in the evenings without our eating habits falling by the wayside.

I’ve learned one or two things though that I’d like to share with you.

Tips for effective meal preparation.

  1. Cook more of the meal you’re making for dinner and it will stretch to lunch the following day.
  2. Have a meal plan. We plan for at least 4 days ahead, that way we can buy fresh food and eat fresh meals knowing exactly what we will be cooking each night. No more pondering over your fridge contents.
  3. Freeze stuff. This isn’t something we tend to do very often I will admit, but there will always be that late night finishing work or something cropping up at home stealing your cooking time. If you have healthy meals in the freezer to grab and go it will save you from cheating.
  4. Make everything at the same time. It’s hectic, and honestly my kitchen looks like a bomb site when i’m done; but if I can get 2 or 3 different meals on the go simultaneously it’s such a time saver.
  5. Eat simple. There are so many chaotic recipes out there which are fantastic when you have time to spend enjoying the prep but in the week it’s all about simple meals for us. We eat meat and veg, cooked all manner of ways but ultimately we will have a meal on the table within 40 minutes max. Most often it will be much quicker.
  6. Branch out. We love all sorts of vegetables and this is what stops us from getting bored. Switch up your shopping list from week to week, having steak with mushrooms tomatoes and kale can taste a lot different to having steak with sauteed leek with peppers, courgette friend with chili flakes and roasted carrots.
Chicken cooked in lemon juice served with green beans, roasted parsnip & mashed carrot and swede.

We started this regime in the 2nd week of January and are still going pretty strong which I’m really impressed with. I’ve lost 8 1/4 lbs in a month and bought a size 8 dress for the first time in a long time!

Me in my new size 8 dress cold shoulder dress. Purchased from Tesco for only £7 in the sale too.. win win.

How do you prepare for the week ahead? Do you do anything like I do or just wing it every day? I’d love to hear your tips too.


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  1. Oh, this is definitely my biggest downfall. I do try to prep in advance, and I sometime batch cook meals too, leaving some to put in the freezer. I think with 4 of us eating each night though, batch cooking seems to take ages! Well done on the size 8 dress – you look gorge!

    Thanks for linking up with #WeightlossWednesday

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