FOOD // National Popcorn Day!

There’s a national day for just about everything now and you’ll be pleased to know that popcorn is no exception!

January 19th is indeed National Popcorn Day which surprises me because National Popcorn month is actually October. October makes more sense than January because right now everyone has begun their new year new me fitness regimes and Popcorn probably isn’t high up on the shopping list. 

That said, this whole week is rumoured to be the most miserable week of the year beginning with Blue Monday. Blue Monday is the third Monday of January and according to Sky Travel it’s been calculated using statistics for people are most likely to book their summer holidays! So actually a bit of popcorn might be just what you need for that mid month treat to pep you up a little?

Talking of Blue Monday, it really was a gloomy one for me this year when my eldest (but still rather young) nephew fell and split his head open leading me to ditch my trolley in the middle of the supermarket aisle in order to speed (drive cerefully) up to A&E to see that he was alright. Thankfully he is!

I digress, National Popcorn Day is a day made to celebrate that sweet or savoury snack in all of its glory, however it is that you like it, and I have the perfect appliance saved especially for today!

I was asked in December to take part in a Secret Santa round with some other bloggers which was hosted by Domu and I’ve enjoyed reading all about the gifts that everyone received. There were blenders, waffle makers, picnic baskets and coffee machines, a real variety! 

When my parcel arrived I was rather excited to find that I’d been sent the VonShef Retro Popcorn Maker! You can get yours here from and if you’re quick you can get it in the sale! (Bonus)

I love Popcorn, a sweet and salty mix is my favourite flavour and now I can have it  on demand. What better way to celebrate National Popcorn Day than with than homemade popcorn retro style?

How will you be celebrating National Popcorn Day & what is your favourite flavour?

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