FITNESS// Race Day Prep: Fuelling (also in aid of World Pasta Day) 

Fuelling for, during and after a race is really a guessing game for me. I haven’t had one particular regime work much better than another so I’ve gone with my gut feeling for tomorrow’s Half Marathon. 

The Day Before:

Hydration: Other than my morning coffee I’ve been drinking mainly water all day. It’s going to be warmer than usual tomorrow so I’m trying to keep myself hydrated by topping up my water stores.

At Vapiano just add to your card tab and pay when you leave

Carb loading: We all know the importance of carbs when fuelling for a race!  On Wednesday 25th October it’s World Pasta Day and many Italian restaurants are celebrating for the whole week. It’s perfect timing for my pre race carb loading so this evening I’ve stuffed my face at Vapiano in Manchester. Their dishes are made to order and cooked before your very eyes. 

All freshly made and you can choose your own ingredients too!

We shared a risotto and a pasta dish before finishing off with a mouth watering dessert. I’m not sure that was really part of the fuelling but hey ho. I couldn’t resist. 

Chicken Alfredo
An Italian sounding dessert called something Bianca!

I feel full of delicious carbs now and ready for the big day. 

Race Day:

Breakfast: Porridge is always my ‘go to’ breakfast on race days. It’s carb rich and keeps me feeling full. 

Drinks: In the morning I plan to drink a fair amount of water, something I’m not usually great at. I’m going to have 500ml with some High5 Energy Source around an hour before the start to give me that last carb boost as my porridge will have started to digest by then. 

The start line: Whilst waiting for my wave to make their way down the the start line I’ll have a High5 energy gel. I’ll carry with me a small disposable bottle of water mixed with a High5 Zero tab and that should keep me hydrated until the first water station. I imagine I’ll discard it at around 2km.

There are 5 water stations along the course of the Manchester Half Marathon, 5.1km, 9km, 11.7km, 14.3km and 17.5km. I’m going to pick up water at every stop and try to take in as much as I comfortably can. 

I’ll be carrying 2 gels with me just in case I miss the gels out on the course or I feel like I need them at different points. My aim is to take one at around 40 minutes which should be around 6k ish. Then I’ll see how I go but I think I’ll take another 2 along the way. 

I’ve prepared as much as I possibly can for tis race so now all that is left is to sleep and rest up for tomorrow.

After the race: I tend to rely quite a bit on what’s in the goody bag at the end of a race and I usually find it’s fine. A protein bar of some sort and a lot more water usually do the trick for me. Although I must admit I’m really looking forward to the free pint of beer! (even if it is alcohol free!)

How do you fuel for your races? Do you have different regimes for different distances?

Will you be celebrating World Pasta Day on Wednesday?

World Pasta Day – 25th October 2017

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