Day 10. 3 things I’ve already ticked from my bucket list! #BEDAoutmumbered

Firstly, is it really the 10th August already?

I refer to my bucket list as my wish list, mainly because I think the expectation to fill your bucket list of really amazing goals is too much. Some (many) of the things on my wish list are really quite simple things that other people may think are minuscule, but I’d like to do them all the same.

Three things that I have already ticked from my list are:

1. Own my own home.

Here’s Dora helping me decorate!

I’ve owned my own house for almost 7 years now, and for most of that time it’s been nothing but a pain in my a*%e! I may have been a ‘house owner’ but it was never really my home. However, over the last few months circumstances have changed and just recently I’m feeling more & more proud of our home.

2. Fly a plane.
I’m kicking myself at not being able to find a photo of myself with my little plane.. When I do find one I promise I’ll add it here.

On my 18th birthday I was lucky enough to have a flying lesson bought for me by my best friend (you can read more about her here)
The lesson was about an hour and a half, I was educated first on the light aircraft we were going to take off in, and then we went for a ride. The pilot did air tricks like spins and drops (technical terms) before letting me take control!! It was probably the scariest thing I’d ever done at that point in my life and I loved every second of it!

3. Go to the Olympics.


As you may have read in any of these posts I love all this equestrian and have done since I was a small child. I love show jumping & would watch it religiously on TV vowing that when I grew up if the Olympics ever came to England I’d have to go! My dream came true in London 2012 when I got to sit right at the front of the Team Show Jumping Finals on the day of my birthday, drinking pink champagne with the one I love, in the sunshine when we won GOLD! I’d say this is one of the best days of my life so far.

What great things have you ticked from your wish list??

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