When your friends take on a marathon… 

In December 2013 I embarked on the 1st PC Hughes Run To Remember, committing to running 2 miles a day, every day, for 125 days. It doesn’t sound a lot, but from being a complete novice I became a running lover, injuries and all. It was the hardest physical challenge I’ve ever done. But I did it and I can’t describe the sense of achievement I felt at the end.
28 months years later my friends who took up running after my R2R (and also took up blogging about it at Team HP Life) are about the achieve their ultimate running goal. (Meanwhile I’m over here recovering from knee surgery.. It’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)



(Here they are celebrating their success after their first ever 10k race together! Back in September 2014 this was a major milestone..)

They’ve trained tirelessly for months, through rain, hail, snow and strong winds. 

They’ve eaten all the healthy foods you can imagine and drank protein shakes galore, swapping meals out and alcohol for a healthier way of life.

They’ve fought off injuries and when feeling ill they carried on.

They have made a commitment and unlike many of us who say we will and don’t, they have. They didn’t quit.

They have just over two weeks to go before the big day, their months of training will be over so soon. The challenge is set, the battle will be hard. But they will do it. 
Strength doesn’t come from doing what you know you can, it comes from achieving the things you never thought you could.
Please offer a little to support their quest to raise money for Guide Dogs who improve the quality of life for those in need. Click here for their Just Giving site, they are so very close to their target.


(Same time last year after completing the Manchester Marathon as a 2 part relay doing 13.1 miles each. When I’m sure they vowed never to run THAT far again… until now)

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