FITNESS // Triathlon – A Challenge Too Far?

Having never attempted a triathlon before, I wonder if it’s a challenge too far, or whether it’s just what I need?

Since injuring my knee over 2 years ago now my fitness regime has changed dramatically. From pounding the streets 3 times a week, enjoying race events and always trying for new PB’s; I’ve had no choice but to give up on my half marathon dream and look elsewhere for feel good fitness workouts.

How I have to run these days!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become ‘my thing’ and with saving up for the wedding it’s been easy enough to workout at home and save the cost of a gym membership too which has been an added bonus.

I also branched out and bought some weights so that I could do Bodypump sessions and overall I’ve loved my home workouts. They tend to be no longer than 30 minutes of hard work and then after a quick shower I can get straight on with the day.

A post home workout selfie!

Adapting my fitness regime has helped me stay of track with my weight goals too, I my start weight last year was 10st 6lb and I’m currently 9st 8lb so I feel much healthier and stronger too.

I’m at the point now though where I’m getting a little bored and I really need to switch it up to keep up my enthusiasm going so my friends over at Team HP Life suggested I train for a triathlon!

Here’s Jacqui from Team HP Life after her 1st Triathlon.


She’s tried to get me to sign up for the last 2 years but with a sore knee I’ve had a reasonable ‘excuse’ not to get involved, but this year I feel like it might just be the challenge I need. I’m the first to admit that my ongoing knee pain is possibly because I’m crap at keeping up with my physio so that is something I’m really going to have to book my ideas up with if I am going to do this.


There are one or two other things though that could be potential issues. Firstly, I don’t own a bike. Secondly, I can’t remember the last time I went swimming (although I do remember that I wasn’t all that good at it!).

So is signing up for a Triathlon a challenge too far? Or is it the boost that I need?

I miss the dedication I had to running, the achievement I felt when I improved and the freedom it gave me being outdoors. Will my knee strengthen with triathlon cross training, enough for me to complete the required 5k? Or will this be another road to fitness frustration?

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7 Replies to “FITNESS // Triathlon – A Challenge Too Far?

  1. You should definitely do it. The different types of training will help strengthen your knee. The joint training/motivation will keep you going & the sense of achievement when you’re finished is amazing. It will give you a buzz exactly the same as completing any other running race. It will be hard work but if it was easy everyone would do it!

  2. Yay so exciting! I love it when someone is considering taking up triathlon!
    Four years ago I couldn’t swim and I didn’t own a bike, so I started lessons and bought a second-hand bike. Now I’m a half-Ironman!
    You can do it, there will always be barriers when starting a new sport, but there are ways to overcome them. Let me know if you need any advice

  3. That’s amazing! Can’t believe that’s ovly over 4 years, well done! As for advice.. where to start lol need to buy a bike but Im skint and it’s like another language ha ha!!

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