FITNESS // Settling in to triathlon training 

I’ve decided to do a triathlon and with that is a huge learning curve. From the lingo to the new equipment I am just about settling in to triathlon training.

My life seems to have changed dramatically. From working out at home as and when I ‘had time’ I’m now outdoors more than ever and making myself have the time to train at least 4 times a week.

Learning the lingo has been fun, and researching the rules of a triathlon is an education in itself. I’ve been brick training this evening, and this time last week I had no idea what that even meant.

I’ve got so much new equipment too. Honestly it’s cost a small fortune but I’ve been as savvy as I possibly can be picking things up second hand where possible; and that even includes my bike!

So over the last couple of weeks I’ve gone from being able to swim around 150 meters in any one go, to being able to swim the whole 500m. That’s after only 5 swim sessions. One thing that helped massively though was my new Aquasphere Kaiman Exo goggles. I’d spent a couple of sessions just trying to close my eyes when I went under water or swimming with my head above the water but it wasn’t very successful at all.

Being daft trying them on straight from the package! Not my finest look.

Even after the first session wearing my goggles I felt much more confident. That was also helped by a session working on my technique with my friend Jacqui from Team H-P Life.

I can ‘t believe how much I’ve progressed in such a short time. I no longer have to worry about the chlorine in my eyes, I can see where I’m going and I can concentrate on my breathing and stroke. They fit brilliantly with great suction and are comfortable too.

So brick training is where you train for the transition from one discipline to anther and tonight it consisted of a 15.5 km cycle followed by a 2 k run.  It was the first time I’d tried it and it felt really strange. My centre of gravity was all over the place and it took around 1 km to settle into the run.

The cycle is a discipline that still daunts me a little. I’m not confident out on the roads and I think that’s largely to do with my lack of balance on the bike. The good thing though is that I’m learning how quickly and effectively having the right gear can improve your training. I’ve bought some bib tights which means I no longer have a sore bum when I ride! (Bonus)

My first ever pair of bib tights! They are so comfortable. No more sore bum after a long ride 😁👍🏼🚴🏻

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L: Cycling Socks R: Running Socks

I’ve also got some great NA-KD socks from Bridgedale for cycling and running. The ones I use for cycling are thin and breathable with a mesh upper and those I use for running have padding on all of the impact points of the foot. They each wick away the sweat too with their COOLMAX fibers so my feet stay at a comfortable temperature which reduces the risk of blistering.


I just love my Oofos!! I even wore them when I went for my spray tan.

One of my favorite pieces of new kit have to be my Oofos. After a workout of any kind these little beauties give your feet the recovery they have been yearning for years. Flip flops molded specifically for arch support from a foam that absorbs shock more than any of your normal footwear, they massage your feet as your walk helping them recovery quickly ready for more training tomorrow.

Is there a ‘must-have’ piece that you couldn’t train without? Or perhaps there’s something that you would recommend to others?

How often do you train for an event? Is 4 times a week enough or should i be doing 5 or 6?


*Collaborative Post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Wow good work! From going to barely swimming/training to training hard for something so intense is a huge achievement! I’d definitely like to improve on my swimming, it seems like such a big thing at the moment and I do love the water…fab work!

  2. You’ve made me excited to get back into triathlon reading this! Miss the days of buying kit and learning the ropes! Look forward to following your journey – and Tricurious ([Link deleted]is a must read x

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