FITNESS // Tips for the beginner Triathlete

Having recently had my arm twisted up my back to sign up for a triathlon this year, I have very quickly picked up some tips for the beginner triathlete so I feel it’s only fair to share them in case you find yourself in the same boat.

I have several friends who have completed triathlons, from those who have just done it once to tick it off their bucket list to those who travel all over to complete pretty impressive distance tri’s; and together they have given me lot of good advice.

Kit yourself out.

I’ve learned that it’s really important to get the right kit for the job. It doesn’t have to expensive or top of the range but it does have to be fit for purpose. I bought my first ever pair of bib tights the other day from ebay; they don’t do my thigh fat any favours and they do give me camel toe but hey! I don’t have a sore backside after a long ride anymore! I’ve also got my first ever set of goggles and of course, my first ever road bike!

My first ever pair of bib tights! They are so comfortable. No more sore bum after a long ride 😁👍🏼🚴🏻

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Make a training plan.

This is something that only actually dawned on me last weekend. I had it in my head that there was loads of time to train but actually my triathlon is only 9 weeks away. I’ve been doing some training, but nothing like I should be. I mean, I can’t even swim the distance yet, let alone tackle all three disciplines! So I’ve made myself a 9 week training plan, it consists of 5 days training each week which I think gives me enough rest time between yet intense enough to do the trick.

Quit with the excuses. 

I can be the worlds greatest for excuses when it comes to hard work, I think it’s born out of fear. I have a huge lack of confidence for this challenge and so I’ve buried my head in the sand. If it rained I wouldn’t go out and cycle and I’ll blame my sore knee for my lack of running. That was until last week when my mate Jacqui challenged me when I said I might skip my ride due to the weather. Her reply was ‘You won’t dissolve, get out there!’. So i threw on my kit, went out and rode 10km in the rain. I was filthy and soaked when I got back, but boy I felt good about myself.

Accept offers of help.

I must admit, I’m a competitive person and I naturally hate the idea of being ‘beaten’ in any sort of competition. I used to train for running races on my own, only concentrating on my times and aiming to beat my own PB’s, I’m not one to ask for help. HOWEVER, this is a whole new concept and I feel completely out of my depth, so those offers from friends to meet up with me to help me train right are very much appreciated. I don’t think I can do this without them.


I’m the first to admit that I can barley swim. I swim breast stroke with my head above the water and front crawl usually ends in everyone ‘outside’ the pool getting soaked! So I’ve done some research online to try and pick up tips for how to learn and improve my swim stroke. I hope to be able to do front crawl by the time the event comes along. I’ve learned so much from googling stuff. It’s important to get to know all about how you transition from one discipline to another, to read the rules of your particular event and learn how to deal with things that could go wrong on the day.

Get technical.

I had only owned my bike for a week when I went on a basic bike maintenance course provided for free through Transport for Greater Manchester. Have a look around online to see if your local transport company (or anyone else) offer similar courses. I learned all about key components of my bike, how to identify if something is wrong with it and what the basic checks are to do before each ride to ensure my safety. Not to mention how to change an inner tube and repair a puncture! (Hope I don’t need that on race day!)

Have you ever tried a new hobby or turned your sporting hand to a new discipline? How did you adapt, and do you have any top tips to share?

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