FITNESS// Looks like I’m running a marathon

It’s been a month since I last blogged, and 3 weeks since I did any running at all. Work is so busy at the moment and my mind is just overwhelmed by everything going on in life. So what better thing to do than agree to running a marathon this year too?

In all fairness I don’t actually remember agreeing to it in the first place! There we were on a friends trip away to Donegal when my friend Stephen tried to persuade me to join him and another friend in the Dublin Marathon later this year. I laughed, declined, and we continued to drink gin. I then received an email notification on my phone. ‘Your Dublin Marathon Entry Is Confirmed’…. huh?

Stephen has never completed a marathon, he hasn’t even been running all that long, but he was the one who flew over from Dublin to run the Manchester Half with me in October 2017. So I suppose I owe it to him to fly to Dublin to complete the full marathon with him in 2018? (I’m still not entirely sure of the logic here either)

Regardless of how it came about though, I have a place in the Dublin Marathon on October 28th and I’m a sucker for a challenge.

Already my friends and parents are considering flight prices so they can come and support me, how amazing is that? (Although I’m not sure if it’s just the good old Irish knees up they’re excited about after the race?)

In any case, the reality is that I’ve got just over 8 months to train myself to run 26.2 miles!! The furthest I’ve ever gone was the 13.1 in October. This is gonna be EPIC.

I know that I can’t really run more than twice a week without jepordising my knee so I’m going to try to include as much swimming and cycling as possible too. Daunting doesn’t even come close.

I think the sheer enormity of the challenge is what’s made it difficult to get started on the training. There are not many things that I can’t say no to though, and new kit is one of them. In fact, new kit is probably my number one source of motivation. If I have new kit, I wanna get out and wear it. I have a feeling I’ll be buying a whole lot of a new kit to keep me motivated this year!

The new Doutzan Sport range at Hunkemoller is enough to get anyone moving though. Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch model who started her career in 2003. She was quickly sent to New York by her agency where she was cast for lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret. Now she has launched her own sportswear range and I feel like I already have a connection with it already due to her DK1985 design. 1985 is the year that Doutzen was born. And so was I.

These Hunkemoller leggings are beautiful to look at. I love the neutral colours and street vibe they have. It’s a limited edition range though so if you like what you see then you should snap it up! Doutzen enjoys boxing and pilates but this range is so versatile you can wear it for a variety of sports.

I chose the HKMX DK Colour Block Sport Leggings in a Medium. I’m a UK Size 12 (sometimes a 10) and they are a tiny bit big around the knees for me. They are also a little bit long but I’m used to that with most leggings being a short-ass! (I’m only 5’2″) Perhaps in hindsight I should have ordered a size Small.

That said, they look great (well at least I think they do?) and they got me out of the house and jogging around the streets for 3 miles today.  So here starts my marathon training. A sentence I never thought I’d be typing. All help, support and advice is welcome.

Thanks for popping by, Hayley x

4 Replies to “FITNESS// Looks like I’m running a marathon

  1. The Irish knees up is the only reason we’re gonna fly over You’re gonna smash it just like you do with every challenge you take on! Proud of you bud!

  2. You will absolutely crush it Hayley! And woo woo thanks, I’ve been trying to get Dollo to take me to Ireland for 8 and a half years

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