Race For Life 2014

I love to get involved with charity events and as running is my ‘thing’ I tend to put the two together whenever I can.  In the last 12 months I’ve completed the 2013 Race For Life, a 250 mile Run To Remember for PC Nicola Hughes, The 10k Great Manchester Run for The Christie & today the Race For Life for 2014! It’s been a busy year and I’ve raised over £650.

Here I am with Grumpyishmum before the race!

Ready for the race with Grumpyishmum!

Today I was sponsored by Scottish Power who aim to raise £30,000 for Cancer Research UK by inviting all participants to take part in The High 5 Wave.  Every valid High 5 Wave selfie uploaded to their site will help them reach their target of 50,000 high 5’s, so if you’ve taken part in any Race For Life event this year, or have one planned in the coming weeks be sure to upload your High 5 to the wave as well!

Here’s mine!

HIGH 5!!!

If you’ve ever ran at Heaton Park you will know how hilly it is, so not usually a place to achieve a new time record, that said, I did it today in 33 mins 8 seconds, a new personal best for me for a 5k run.. so I’m really pleased!

If you’ve never taken part in a Race For Life event, you should really consider it! It’s one of the most enjoyable races, not just for serious runners but a race for everyone and with a sole purpose of raising money for the main cancer charity – Cancer Research UK. When the statistics are now as frightening as 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with this disease, I hope more and more people decide to take the plunge and run, walk or even dance along the course to raise even more money to cure cancer sooner.


Well and truly ‘done in’ after the race!

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