R2R: And so it begins…

Look mum, I’m on the telly!
Our Run To Remember is now underway following a ‘team start’ at Dove Stones Reservoir in Saddleworth on December 1st. There were approximately 20 runners who gathered with PC Hughes’ father Bryn, and her brother Sam, to complete the 2.6 mile loop together to mark the start of this incredible journey we are all on. There are now over 1700 runners from forces across the whole country, and many gathered in their own force areas to start this challenge together.
GMP’s ACC Garry Sherwan was there to proudly set us off from the start line, where we were filmed by both ITV and BBC news reporters. The route at Dove Stones is pretty level and with stunning views over the water it was actually a pleasure to complete – even with a stonking hangover from last nights’ Discount Halloween Party!
Morale was high, adrenaline was pumping and team spirit spurred us on when we felt tired. We even made the BBC & ITV evening news on TV…although I don’t think this was my finest hour, puffing and panting looking rather beetroot-like!
Here you can see the beautiful scenery and some of the camera crew before the run.
Team Mix & Match – Raring to go!
My 250 miles can be completed in any format. 2 miles every day for 125 days, or bank more miles to allow myself rest days. Here are my runs so far:
Day 1: 2.64 miles
Day 2: 3.11 miles
Day 3: 2.78 miles
Day 4: Rest Day
Day 5: 2.67 miles
Day 6: 2.2 miles
Day 7: 4.93 miles
Total so far: 18.33 miles. Great! I’ve already got 2 Rest Days banked for next week – Bring it on!!
If you are taking part in the PC Hughes’ Run To Remember, give me a shout by leaving a comment below.
To sponsor me and my colleagues please please visit www.justgiving.com/mixandmatch
Thank you!

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