FITNESS // A Novice Cyclist

With no bike and a very weak swimming record, signing up for a Triathlon was a pretty bonkers thing to consider.  Like with most things though, I hate to be defeated; and so I am pleased to announce that I am now a novice cyclist.

Cycling is like a whole new world to me. The last time I rode any kind of respectable distance was when I took part in a Buxton to Manchester Charity Ride, 2 years ago! I rode 27 miles on a borrowed bike from my mum wearing almost all of her cycling kit too.

Since then, the only cycling I’ve done is the odd spin class at the gym. That is until now..

So today I’ve been on a 200 mile round trip to collect this bad boy…. #bikelife #newbie

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With a little help from my friends I managed to navigate this new language of ‘shifters’, ‘cleats’ and ‘chain sets’ to bag myself this little bargain from a well known online auction site.

Having never even sat on a road bike before I had no idea what I was letting myself in for, yet there I was driving a 400 mile round trip to collect my new ‘toy’. As soon as I got home (via my mums where I borrowed a helmet lol) I set off around the estate to have a practice. What a strange feeling.

I didn’t realise that I would feel so cautious, I was expecting to lack confidence; but with the tyres so slim and the brakes in a very foreign position I felt completely out of my depth.

If I’m going to sign up for this triathlon though, I need to face my fear and so I’ve spent some time in my local park (away from the scary roads) just getting a feel for my new bike. I already like it more, after only 2 rides!

As a novice cyclist I have so much to learn and as I was scrolling through the internet this evening I came across this website for a ‘Women On Wheels’ campaign run by Transport of Greater Manchester throughout March. There are lots of different events going on around Greater Manchester for lady cyclists of all abilities, but I wanted to share it for all the other novice cyclists out there like me.

There’s a basic bike maintenance course which I think would be particularly useful, I’ll need to know how to maintain this new toy of mine when things go wrong; and best of all – it’s free!

I’m really excited about my future as a cyclist and I hope my confidence grows with every ride.

Are you a novice cyclist like me? Or are you a seasoned rider? I’d love to hear about your cycling stories and how you entered the world of 2 wheels.

5 Replies to “FITNESS // A Novice Cyclist

  1. Sooo exciting! Can’t wait to see how your training goes! I’m the clumsiest person I know – I’d spend more time on the road than on the bike haha!

  2. So exciting! I know how daunting a road bike can be, Im a novice cyclist too, the first time I went out on my bike on the roads I was scared sh*tless. I’ve been turbo training over winter but looking forward to getting back out on the roads.. less enthused about cleats though, Ive never used them outside.

    Looking forward to keeping up with your journey! I want to do a Triathlon this year too, haven’t booked one yet, looking for the right one! 🙂

  3. As if you drove 400 miles you maniac! Really pleased to see you so enthusiastic about this – even if you are a bit bonkers! Looking forward to seeing how you train in the run up to The Big T 😉

    Thank you for linking to #weightlosswednesday xx

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