FITNESS // My new love of swimming

When I first signed up to take part in the Cheshire Triathlon I could barley stay afloat but after only 9 weeks I found I had a new love of swimming.

I was training 5 days a week and really stepping up my efforts in a bid to shave a few extra seconds from each of the 3 disciplines but I found myself swimming more than anything else.

I’d get up early to go before work which was something I’m not usually very enthusiastic about and I’d also find myself there at the end of the night just before the gym closed.

During the early stages of my swimming journey I’ve learnt so much, but one of the main things is the importance of having good kit. I used to have a swimsuit that I would class as a ‘leisure’ suit. It was pretty looking and relatively comfortable but it wasn’t really made for competitive swimming and it faded after prolonged use.

I was then introduced to the Aquasphere Amelia swimsuit & suddenly I had a whole new outlook every time I entered the water. The swimsuit is striking to look at with its bold colours and it looks and feels professional. Wearing my new Amelia swimsuit makes me feel more confident somehow, like I ‘fit in’ more now.

This is NOT me btw.. photo provided by Aquasphere.

Having done my research I chose the Amelia because it was from the Repreve range, a new fabric developed by Aquasphere which cleverly combines the eco-friendly fiber made from recycled plastic bottles and PBT Polyester yarn which creates a resilient and environmentally friendly swimsuit.

Just before the Cheshire Triathlon I decided to head to the venue to do a practice run, the pool is an outdoor brine pool and it was a really sunny day but the Repreve range also delivers UV50 sun protection so the sun was one less thing to worry about. For this reason it will also be coming with me on holiday this year!

I love that they are even labelled with how many plastic bottles have been used for each garment! (Which is 6 for the Amelia!) How amazing?  The prices across the Repreve range are really affordable too which I think is a great incentive to encourage people to purchase a more eco-friendly swimsuit!

I’m now looking forward to improving my swim technique. I’ve been looking around online for training aids and I’ve even dipped my toe in the local Quays for my first open water swim! I’m sad that my gym membership has expired though and so now I’m on the lookout for a new membership somewhere a little closer to home. What I do know is that the new gym MUST have a good pool, I feel that swimming might just be the new running… watch this space!



*I was provided with the Amelia swimsuit from Aquasphere for review purposes but the content is my honest opinion.





3 Replies to “FITNESS // My new love of swimming

  1. It’s so cool that this is made from old plastic bottles!! I love it when companies get creative with sustainability! Your swimming journey sounds awesome too!

  2. Its the swimming side that puts me off triathlons as I can no longer swim a decent distance… maybe I should just try and persevere like you! Suit looks amazing

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