FITNESS // Managing Sports Injuries With Physiotherapy

I’m the worst for managing my own sports injury and keeping up with my physiotherapy, so I write this post with the hope of actually practicing what I preach.

Not being able to run like I used to is frustrating and since my knee surgery in March 2016 I haven’t rehabilitated quite like I was expecting to.

I was given some basic physiotherapy exercises to do along with some stretches and at first I was pretty good, completing them throughout the day as required.

I got slowly back into fitness, working out at home and building that up before attempting to run again, but when I did feel strong enough to take to the streets I was disappointed that the same pain I’d had surgery for was still there.

The bottom line from my surgeon was that there is no physical damage in my knee that can be ‘fixed’ with surgical intervention, the only thing I can do is physiotherapy.

I stuck at it for a while longer but when I tried to run again, there it was, the same pain. Again. It wasn’t even getting better.

With the disappointment I decided that perhaps I’d never be the runner I desired to be, and people told me that if I kept putting my knee through the stress that I could go on to cause more damage than good. I stopped running all together and just continued down the journey of home workouts & HIIT.

I love working out at home for so many reasons but honestly I miss running so much.

After months of HIIT and Bodypump I tried to run again around 4 weeks ago. I managed a mile before the pain returned, but the stubborn part of me didn’t want to let it win so I ran through it. (Silly I know) ironically the pain subsided a little, it turned from sharp pain to a kind of numbness but I was able to run 5k in around 36 minutes so I was mightily pleased.

That was the first 3 miles I’d completed since this injury started in November 2014!

Pleased as punch I walked back to the car and went home, where I then suffered with a painful ache for the next 24 hours.

Admitting defeat, I figured that I need to re-address my attitude to physiotherapy, so I took advantage of the offer of an online consultation provided by JimJam*. JimJam is an online platform providing physiotherapy consultations via webcam chat and I used the slot to discuss how I could achieve my running goals again.

I booked in with Paul Bryce, the clinical Director of JimJam, and after some initial technical difficulties on my part we were able to discuss my previous care and current issues.

Having the benefit of being able to see each other on the screen meant that it was so easy to show exactly where my pain was. Paul used a mechanic knee model to explain about cause and effect which was really helpful to be able to visualise the inner knee.

The platform itself was so simple to use after the consultation Paul sent a link via email to a separate app where you can see demonstration videos of the exercises that are assigned to you. Within this app you can keep a track of all of your physiotherapy workouts and there is a whole host of statics that show your progress. It really is quite fascinating.

I’ve been doing the exercises for the past 10 days and although I haven’t been out running since I do think that my legs are getting stronger and my movements are more controlled.

It’s going to be a long process before I’ll be back out pounding the streets, I’m sure, but if I stay on track with this I hope it will be sooner rather than later.

Have you ever used a Physiotherapist? What are your thoughts about this service being offered online?



*Review link but all opinions are my own.

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