FITNESS// Training for a Half Marathon….again.

Over the last few months my running ability has improved no end. I’m really feeling like I’m ‘back in the game’ now and with that comes a huge surge of determination and excitement. I can’t possibly forget though, that the last time I started to up my training in preparation for the Half Marathon distance of 21 km, i knackered my knee; but now, I’m trying again.

Not only am I back to running the distances I was in 2014, but I’m now (marginally) faster too. Prior to 2017, 32:24 was my fastest 5 km time from March 2014, and my 10 km Personal Best was 1:10:34. That was when I completed the Salford City 10 km exactly 3 years ago! A race I did again last weekend in 1:06:14.

The Salford 10km 3 years on..

Frustratingly, I tend to perform better on training runs, I’ve managed a 58 (ish) minute 10 km before and a sub 30 5km too. It’s just a shame they are not official times. I honestly think it’s because I still have good days and bad days and there’s no saying what kind of run it will be until I’m out there pounding the streets. It’s just fluke. I hope I can get to a point where most of my runs are good days, that way I can be more confident in my ability on race days and smash those official PB’s!

One not to shy away from a challenge, or admit defeat, I decided to join my friends in signing up for the Manchester Half Marathon this October. Determined to prove that I can run the distance this time, I feel more focused than ever. But I probably haven’t given myself quite enough training time. (Although I got married this summer and so I think that’s a pretty good reason for my training to take a back seat!)

The Manchester Half Marathon takes place on 15th October 2017, just less than 5 weeks away, and at the moment my furthest distance ran is 12 km. That’s only just over half the race distance! So how am I going to do it?

I’ve been trying to run at least 3 times a week, but with me being so paranoid about my knee I think I might drop that down to 2. A short fast run and a long slow run each week should be enough if I compliment that with other things too. I know swimming is so good for my strength and cardio fitness, and my weakness is muscle tightness, so perhaps one swim session and one Yoga/Pilates session each week as well will help.

A rainy training run along Rochdale canal with Dora dog

If I increase my long runs by 2 km each week, starting with 12 km this week, I should be at 20 km for race day…surely I can squeeze the extra 1 km out of my weary legs on the day??

What do you think? Am I upping the distance too quickly? Or do you think I can finally reach my half marathon goal?

I’d love to hear of any training tips you have for me. Are you running the Manchester Half Marathon?

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  1. Don’t forget your taper last week before the race, but you also don’t have to do 20km before race day, I’d say 18km Max so you’ve got a week to play with for taper. You’ll find those last few km on the day no problem

  2. I think the excitement and the enthusiasm of the crown will see you through without a problem. You’re determination speaks for itself and with training you can obviously get through any day. Good luck in the half marathon.

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