FITNESS // Weekly Training Recap 2/4/17-9/4/17

With only 6 weeks to go until my first triathlon and just over 12 weeks till my wedding I’m really focusing on my training, so I’ve decided to a weekly training recap to keep track of what I’ve been up to. Here’s my weekly training recap for the week 3/4/17-9/4/17.

MONDAY– 900m swim. 

I wasn’t sure what training to do today as this was my 4th consecutive training day and I was feeling pretty tired but my friends invited me to their local pool to go swimming with them so that’s what I did. It was great to see them but the swim was poor. I think I’d maybe done too much the days prior to this. But a swim is a swim and my 500m time was 18:18. The pool was busy so it was difficult having to swim around people all the time. 

TUESDAY – Rest Day. Unplanned, but after yesterdays poor swim I figured I was exhausted and needed to take it easy. 

 WEDNESDAY – Rest Day. Today was a planned test day because I was at uni straight from work so it was a really long day. 


Thursday was one of the best running days of my whole running history. I’ve not been able to run 5k without any knee pain for the last 3 years, even after surgery 13 months ago. On this run however, I had no pain at all and even managed a PB! 5k time was 30:07 on Map My Run & 31:04 on my Tom Tom watch. I’m overjoyed. That sub 30 isn’t far away now. 

FRIDAY – 5k Run

My friend at work had just taken up running, in 8 weeks she’s gone from barley doing anything to running 28 minute 5ks! I’m so proud of her, she’s even signed up for the Great Manchester Run in May! We got an early dart from work and so after Thursday’s running success I decided to try again for that sub 30 5k and this time I went with my friend in the hope she would help me go quicker! I didn’t take my phone this time, just my Tom Tom which did measure the distance slightly longer than her Map My Run. 

The finishing times were 29:36 Map My Run  but 30:15 on the Tom Tom! I’m not convinced until they both say under 30, but it was better! 

SATURDAY – 550m swim. 

After the previous days running and really pushing myself my left calf/hamstring was really tight. I tried to stretch and foam roller in the morning in the hope it would help but I just didn’t seem to have any energy for Saturday’s swim. 

My 500m time was 18:20. I’m really disappointed with my swimming this week but I’m super proud of my runs, especially that I had no pain at all in my knee. 

You can’t have everything eh? 

SUNDAY – Rest Day. Totally unplanned! We always go to the gym on Sunday evenings but this week after the glorious weather we’ve had we ended up going for an impromptu Italian meal with my parents after a long walk with the dog. 

Bring on the next week! What training do you have planned for the next 7 days? 

2 Replies to “FITNESS // Weekly Training Recap 2/4/17-9/4/17

  1. I think you’ve had a great week of training! And yay for no knee pain! 😀 That sub 30 is just in grasp! You’ll get it!

    I think sometimes, we really just have to listen to our bodies when it’s telling us it’s had enough – Sounds like you did the right thing and had a rest!

    It’s often difficult when doing all 3 sports to try and fit everything in AND get the needed rest. I’m often doing double workout days now!

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