FITNESS // Weekly training re-cap 10/04/17-16/04/17

I can’t believe it’s Sunday again and already I’m recapping another week of training. I officially signed up to the Cheshire Triathlon this week so there really is no going back! It’s the most challenging fitness event I’ll have completed and I’m doing it to raise money for Manchester Mind, a charity that helps those with mental health challenges. If you could spare a ¬£1 that would be awesome but if not your support will mean just as much. 

MONDAY – 15km cycle

The week started with a morning cycle as I was working lates this week. I really didn’t enjoy it but I got some more bike miles under my belt so I’m pretty happy with that. 

TUESDAY – Planned Rest Day. 

I couldn’t really train today as I needed to collect my newly re-sized engagement ring (yep it’s gone down a size!) and after work it was menu tasting at the wedding venue! It’s only 11 weeks away now!

WEDNESDAY – 800m swim.

This wasn’t just any swim though, it was my first ever adult swimming lesson

THURSDAY – 5km run.

I wasn’t going to do anything this evening but I’d got home from work at 8pm and just felt like going for a run so Dora (my dog) & I went out for some leg stretch. We didn’t really think about time as we stopped for a few toilet and sniff spots. That said, we did manage it in 32:13.

GOOD FRIDAY – 1050m swim. 

After my swim coach lent me the flippers I figured I’d need to put them to good use before my next session. I did various sets of 4 lengths, some with the flippers, some using the lock board to help with my leg strength and done with no equipment at all. It was hard work, I’ve never swam this distance, and all but 4 lengths were front crawl so I was really pleased given that I’d never really done front crawl until Wednesday!

SATURDAY – 5km Run.

Still chasing a sub 30 5K I went for an evening run whilst my fiends were in the pub drinking cocktails. (Who am I??) I really enjoyed this run, I crossed paths on a circular section with 2 other runners who both gave me high 5 when we passed each other! I love the runners community and it gave me the lift I was looking for to smash another PB! This time Map My Run said 28:08!!!!!!! But Tom Tom said 30:03 (wtf?!)

Tom Tom Screenshot
Map My Run Screenshot
It doesn’t matter though because with that time I feel awesome; and what’s more is I was running right passed where I’ll be getting married so I felt incredible. 

SUNDAY – 30km cycle & 2k run.

Despite the really poor weather this Easter Sunday my friend Jacqui & I managed to squeeze in a brick session between downpours. It was the furthest & fastest I’ve been on the bike so far and only the second time I’ve completed the triathlon cycle distance. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would & we celebrated with leftover cake from my wedding cake tasting session afterwards! 

Jacqui from Team HP Life & me, with cake!

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