FITNESS // Surviving Dry January

Today is the last day of my Dry January challenge & I am so incredibly proud to announce that I have succeeded!

To some people not drinking alcohol for a whole month is the norm but actually I do like a little glass of wine after work on a Friday, particularly when it’s been a challenging week. I’ve tried to do Dry January twice before… and failed.

But from the moment the midnight chimes rang in the new year & I ordered water from the bar of the pub where I was celebratin, there really was no going back this time. 

 The first week was so easy, I was tired of drinking and partying after the craziness of December but after that the challenge really did begin.

Over the last month we’ve made real headway on the wedding plans and as the big day gets closer the stress levels rise and sometimes we would have loved a gin and tonic to help with all the wedding decisions!

Earlier in January is my sisters birthday, where we went to enjoy a lovely meal with her. To raise a glass of prosecco to her grand old age would’ve been nice but a brew went down nicely instead.

My oldest nephew ended up in a&e this month with a nasty cut to his head, all was well in the end, nothing a bit of a glue and some cuddles couldn’t fix but when I got home a little tipple would’ve eased the nerves. I had a right panic.

Then came a visit to my cousins where she offered me a prosecco strawberry slush! It looked gorgeous & it came right in the middle of a testing time but I resisted the temptation. 

Last week was Burns night, and we were invited to an authentic Burns supper buy our Scottish friends. Once there, their homemade sloe gin and bramble brandy was wafted beneath our noses, but again we politely declined and stuck to tonic water. 

To top it off we visited the wedding venue again over the weekend to go through the finishing touches.. where we were offered free prosecco on arrival! It was cruel but we asked if we could swap for orange juice!!

So eventually I’ve arrived here, on the last day of January 2017 having achieved something that I’ve failed at at least twice before! To some this may be their usual routine but to me it’s my first success of the year and a great example going forward. 

Did you sponsor my Dry January attempt? If not, please consider donating a couple of quid or whatever you can. I’m raising money for Children with Cancer & your money will go a long way. 

You can find my Just Giving page here!

Now then.. where’s the gin…

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