FITNESS // Race Recap: Manchester Mo Run (10km)

The Manchester Mo Run wasn’t in my diary this year as it was only 7 days before another race I’d already paid for and had set my hopes on for a new PB. Then my friend said she could no longer take part and it would have been shameful to see the entry go to waste right?

On Sunday 19th November 2017 The Mo Run took to Heaton Park in Prestwich for their annual charity event, raising money for the Movember fund. It was minus 1.5 degrees outside and the grass was white and crisp with frost but there I was, queuing up to collect a number for a race I’d not even entered.

Now I know that by running in someone else’s name breaks the rules but I’ll hold my hands up this time and take any criticism you wanna throw my way.

It was a 2 lap circular and if you’ve been to Heaton park you’ll know how hilly it is. The first 3km was pretty much uphill and by 5km I really didn’t think I could do 10. It’s only because I was wearing my Manchester Half Marathon t-shirt that I knew it was possible. 

That doesn’t mean to say it made it any easier though. I swigged some water at the 5km point but when I got to 6,7,8km I was puffing and panting and just willing for it to be over. 

The atmosphere was great though, it’s a such a busy park so there were loads of people there to cheer everyone on. The course was well sign posted and the marshels were fab. I’d definitely do this race again but it’s certainly not one for PB’s. (imo) 

The bling was a curved moustache with November MoRun on the ribbon which was pretty cool too. 

Have you taken part in any of the MoRuns? Or perhaps you’re thinking you might next year?  Leave us a comment below. 

Thanks for stopping by, Hayley x

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