FITNESS // Brick Training at its best 

Despite not even knowing what brick training was a few weeks ago I’ve now conquered brick training at its best.. or my best at least. 

Over the last few weeks I feel like I’ve barley been at home, working full time, walking Dora dog and training for the triathlon has kept me more occupied than I’m used to. I’ve loved it though. There’s nothing that beats the feeling you get after a successful workout and I’ve ad so much more energy than usual. 

I’ve done a couple of brick sessions before which have included coming straight off the bike and into a run, and I felt like my legs were two block of lead. They were slamming to floor at a rate of knots but it seemed like I was barley moving. The furthest I’d ever ran straight after a cycle was 2k last week, and that was hard.

After a 32km bike ride at the weekend with Jacqui from Team HP Life we decided to do a 2km jog, it was awful, but Jacqui did remind us that we’d cycled 7 miles further than would be expected on race day; so with that I was hoping it wouldn’t feel so bad when it came to it.

I wore my new Redbear Sports Bunnies & Bears Jersey too! So light and airy.

By Tuesday though I’d really got myself worked up about it. I’d never actually ran the full 5k distance as part of a brick session, and although I smashed my own 5k  run PB last week, I really didn’t know if I could do that distance after such a long bike ride. 

I envy those long distance triathletes!

 I got home from work late that day which made me feel rushed, I still had to sort dinner and my OH hasn’t been well so I’ve been trying to play nurse too. Once my ‘jobs’ were done I got out my bike and set off on a race against the daylight to try and get some miles in. 

I’d been saying throughout the day that I wanted to do the full distance but with a later start I’d kinda agreed to myself that 15k cycle and 3/4km run would be fine. That didn’t actually happen though. With my mind focused on what I really wanted to try to achieve I pushed harder and finished a 20km cycle in 1:03:33.

Ideally I want my time to be under an hour on the day so I was pretty pleased with the 1:03, especially because it included a hill and lots of junctions too. I arrived home and quickly changed from my bib tights & cycle jersey to my new Redbear Sports leggings ready for the run. I love the ‘loud’ print of them and they are so light, they even have a hidden pocket on the waistband! I’d love to get the pop art cycle jersey too! 

‘Be Seen Be Safe’ is my motto!

So off I went in search of 5k from my weary legs. Unfortunately I’d forgotten to charge my Tom Tom watch (school girl error) so I had to rely on Map My Run which I know isn’t always accurate. When I heard I’d done the first km in under 6 minutes I was really pleased, I even played with the idea of having a sub 30 finish time but that thought soon crumbled when I hit 3km. My left calf was solid and I was struggling to settle into a rhythm. That said, I powered through and finished in a time of 31:50. I was really pleased with that. 

I can’t believe how much my fitness has increased in the last few weeks. I didn’t think I’d be able to do the run and cycle in just over an hour & a half. So there you have it, brick training at my best.

Have you ever done brick training or double workouts? How did you find it adapting from one to another? 

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  1. Great work, it’s totally normal to have heavy legs on the run as you are using different muscles when cycling/running. Keep it up and try and do a short run off the bike every week- don’t worry too much about pace just try to get the legs moving 🙂

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