FITNESS // 12 Days Of Fitmas

For the last 11 days my sister has been checking in at the gym daily making me feel increasingly guilty for my lack of exercise recently. She’s not a fitness freak by any stretch and so if she’s making the effort then I definitely should!

My partner and I also said to ourselves that from 1st December we were going to get back ‘on it’ and do a Christmas diet until the big day so that we can enjoy as many pigs in blankets as we like, guilt free. Unfortunately the reality is that we’ve eaten more unhealthily than healthily since the beginning of advent and this has lead to me feeling bloated and rather rubbish. As well as guilty.

So today I’m turning things around. Honestly I am. I’m joining the gym. Well, kinda. I’m taking advantage of a 12 day membership offer!

As a home workout lover this is really breaking the mould but when my sister told me she was taking my baby nephew swimming for his first time I thought what a perfect excuse to don the costume and get some swimming under my belt too! 

I walked down the steps to the pool sheepishly with baby Eric in my arms wondering at what point he was to start screaming with my sister looking hopefully upon us. No screams. No cries. No nothing. Just a rather laid back 14 week old taking it all in his stride. 

After a while my sister & her husband left with little Eric but the older two nephews didn’t want to leave, so what do cool aunties do? Stay in with them if course! 

I may not have completed any lengths today but I do think I’ve had a goof enough workout with all the spinning swirling jumping and splashing I did with those two monkeys! 

I love family time, especially with my nephews and today was the first time I’d ever been swimming with them! We had so much fun and cracked me up when they spent more time doing their hair afterwards than I did!

Do you workout in December as much as you do in other months? Or do you think December is the start of Christmas & excersise can wait until January? 

3 Replies to “FITNESS // 12 Days Of Fitmas

  1. I think December is the start of Christmas;) there is too much temptation around. We may have eaten a few tins of biscuits already that were bought specifically for Christmas oops 😉

  2. I exercise all year around, but I always tend to get a cold in December on the lead-up to Christmas, so I take some time off training to rest and recover. How did the rest of your 12 day membership at the gym go?

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