FITNESS // 10 Amazing race medals you have got to get your hands on 

I don’t know about you but one of the things that motivates me the most when it comes to signing up for a race is the medal you get at the end. I consulted the thousands of runners on social media to see what their favorite race bling looked like and from there I’ve compiled a list of 10 Amazing race medals you have got to get your hands on! The medals shown here are the 2017 medals but if they are anything to go by the 2018 ones will be irresistible! 
1. 5k – First up is a cute medal given out to finishers of the 5km at Northwich Festival of Running this year. I love shaped medals and I’ve never seen a dragonfly medal. 

Credit: Jill Booth

2. 10k – I love the medal from the Spitfire 10km which takes place at the RAF Museum in Cosford, Shropshire. The course takes you around the airfield amongst some iconic aircraft and the bling is just as impressive. 

Credit: Nikki Goodman

3. 10 miles – When I saw this medal I was instantly attracted to the bright colours. Here’s thus years medal from the Brighton 10.

3. Half marathon – A race a little more local to me is the English Half Marathon in Warrington. This year’s medal replicated the gates you run through at the end of the race. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an interactive medal like this one. 

4. Marathon – There are so many iconic marathon races across the wold but this is a UK based blog and the majorty of people agreed that the best marathon medal to have in your collection was that of the VLM. That said, if you didn’t get a place for next year’s Virgin London Marathon then maybe you should try the Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon for some even more impressive bling. 

5. Ultra – The Donegal Quadrathon has got the be the biggest medal I’ve ever seen!! Run a series of half or full marathons or if you’re brave enough take on the Rocks n Rollin 63k Ultra. Their medal is so good it’s got a video of its own here

Credit: Andrea Cairns

6. Race series – So many race series out there but IMO it’s all about interlocking medals. The 401 Festival of Running in Somerset has been recommended from people all over the country and this is what you can expect from their bling. 

7. Virtual run – I’ve done a few virtual races and found that some medals have been much better than others. Although I haven’t done a POW one yet ALL of their bling looks awesome! Check them out. 

8. Overseas – I imagine the marathon runners amongst us will be edging towards the NYC or Chicago marathons but for the bling I don’t think you can best the runDisney races. Whether you’re a princess or an avid star wars fan there’s a medal to suit you and you can get your hands on some terrific bling at any distance too! 

9. Off road / Obstable – Having never done an obstacle race before when I think off-road or obstacle the race that comes to mind is Spartan. There are so many variations now and even kids races too. 

Credit: Pintrest

10. Triathlon – There is no question, the ultimate triathlon medal has got to be one of these right?

Credit: Tri247

Have you got any of these medals? What was your favourite piece of bling from 2017? And what do you have planned for next year? 

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  1. The best one we have done so far this year was the Disney Run series in LA was fantastic & the bling is Pretty amazing not to mention if you do the Double Dare which I did not do but my husband did you get an extra piece of Disney bling it’s pricey but oh so worth it. Especially if your Disney nuts like me very well organised events.

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