Competition time! Win a FREE entry to Manchester’s CRUK Winter Run this February!

So it’s the first week in January and we’ve all vowed to become the slimmer fitter healthier version of the person we were in December. Many of us have already started a healthy lifestyle, no chocolate, more gym, no alcohol, more veg? Sound familiar?

I’ve been linking up with a group of friends who help keep me focused, we share recipes and home workouts. Then there’s the Family Fat Club where my partner, mum, cousin and aunts all pay £1 a week to ‘weigh’ in. We’ve set ourselves a short term target for 4 weeks time and whoever has lost the most weight wins the jackpot of £24. It’s not going to allow us to retire or anything but it’s a little bonus for the hard work we’ll put in.

I’m interested to know about any groups you might be in and whether you think having the encouragement of others is required for you to get motivated or if you’re quite determined enough to get on with it alone?

For those who are interested in setting yourself achievable targets I invite you to enter my New Year New You COMPETITION over on FACEBOOK & TWITTER to WIN A FREE ENTRY TO CRUK WINTER RUN SERIES IN MANCHESTER on February 28th 2016! 

Not got anyone to run with? That’s fine, run with me… I’ll be taking it easy due to my dodgy knee so I’m encouraging beginner runners to enter too!


Cancer Research Winter Run Series is coming to Manchester for the first time this year, bringing our cool city the coolest 10k we’ve ever seen. While you walk/jog or run the course around the Etihad Stadium you will have the chance to hug polar bears, run through snow blasts and see other wintery surprises!

The route will be on closed roads and there will be entertainment for runners and spectators alike. 19% of runners who took part in the London event last year were first timers but the race is also a great training run for those with Spring marathon plans! 

Come and join the fun whilst we raise money for Cancer Research UK, the worlds leading cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research! 

You’ll get some awesome bling too…here’s last years medal… And I hear this years medal is even cooler!


So what are you waiting for? 




*The competition ends on 14th January 2016 so you have 1 week to enter as many times as you like! You will win a PIN which will allow you to register for the run on the Winter Run Series website without charge and you must register before January 18th 2016! Prize is offered by Winter Run Series UK. Only one winner will be selected at random across both social media platforms. Winner will be notified via the social media platform which they used to enter. Prize is for Manchester’s Winter Run on February 28th 2016 and is not transferable. If you win you take part at your own risk, neither or Winter Run Series will be liable for any injuries during the race.*

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